31 January 2014

Spammers Beware: Globe Telecom Launches Anti-Spam Campaign

This is a quite common problem facing among subscribers – Text Spam. What is Text Spam? We are very sure that you(even us) have received a text message that prompts: "you have won sweepstakes, grand draw, raffles, and so on". If you are not careful about it, you might fall and become a victim.

Text Spam is an unsolicited text messages that promote advertisements, and oftentimes annoying messages. 

To help reducing these spam text messages, Globe Telecom launched Anti-Spam Campaign.

Ways to Block Spam Text Messages on Android and iOS
Ways to Block Spam Text Messages on Android and iOS. Image Globe Telecom
According to Yoly Crisanto, Globe Head of Corporate Communications, the provider is setting to put places on several channels in which subscribers can report spam texts.

Channels that subscribers may report via:
  1. Globe website through Talk2Globe Chat - http://chat.globe.com.ph
  2. Send a message through Globe Contact Form - http://globe.com.ph/talk2Globenow
  3. By tweeting @Talk2GLOBE on Twitter.
Note: Subscribers can put in the number, the exact message, and the time and date the text spam was received. 

The numbers(SIM) proved to be the source of text spams will be deactivated from the service. 

Globe Telecom disputes an online report that telcos sell customer numbers to database
When online report rises that telcos sell customer numbers to third party marketing companies, Crisanto said that, they have the utmost privacy among subscribers. How did spammers sent unsolicited text messages?

Prepaid Numbers are Untraceable and Disposable
Spam text messages are common on prepaid users. In a report, subscribers complain to receive average of 5 spam texts a day.

How Spammers send Spam Texts?
Spammers don't use specific numbers(SIM) to send. They make use of USB GSM modem installed on PC that can be easily fill out numbers ranges.

How Numbers are collected?
Anyone can create database for it. Even US, we can make a collection if we want to.

There are few ways:
  • Registration on events and websites
  • Social media like Facebook
  • Reloading station from sari-sari stores
  • Mobile apps
For businesses:

The National Telecommunications Commission(NTC) had previously issued a memorandum circular prohibiting any unauthorized broadcast messaging services. 

The memorandum provides that any individual or business entity who wants to send broadcast messages needs to register first with the NTC for authorization. 

Legitimate text blasts approved by the regulating agency are properly identified and do not carry 11-digit numbers.

Source: Globe Telecom

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