02 January 2014

First Cashout From Adf.ly 2014

Indeed, a very good way to start flaming up with inspiration to blog. Yes, one inspiration is Adf.ly, once again, sent me yet another revenue in my Paypal account.

For this year,2014, I received amount  from Adf.ly. The very first to cash out. I wasn't expecting it because I seldom used Adf.ly for my links. On the other hand, its a blessing, and I must be thankful for it. Indeed, its a good start for the year 2014.

There are lots of ways to earn and make money online. But be sure, you won't fall on scammers. Rather, be fascinated by the offer, learn how it works!

Business really needs a lot of effort, time, and sometimes money. However, with ADF.LY, you only need to share the SHORTENING links. AND BOOM! Happy New Year!

X19 Limited Sent a detail

Just this morning, I got a wonderful news. I got $5.17 USD. Yes, its pretty small but the idea here is that, even if you are just sitting and laughing friends' statuses, I simply received an earnings.

I hope this year will be a productive year for me. With lots of topics to be posted, I just wish I could make it a rather in great, unique, funny, and fashionable way.
Transaction Details from PAYPAL

Short Description about Adf.ly

Adf.ly is a website that offers shortening URLs. Like any shortening URL service, like Goo.gl, & Bit.ly, this Adf.ly could somehow gives the opportunity to earn money from just SHORTENING links.
  • Adf.ly definitely 100% FREE. There are no hidden fees!
  • For an amount of minimum $5, you can cash it out.
  • It supports Payoneer and PAYPAL as payment options.
Thus, there is money on Shortening links!

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Thank you and Happy New Year!


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