10 January 2014

Facebook Sponsored Stories Will Disappear This April 9th

Ads is good but we need money. Now, Facebook revealed that they will remove sponsored stories on April 9. I guess, it is probably one of the best news in 2014 regarding Facebook Features including this sponsored stories. 

On Facebook's post, they will be phasing out this controversial Sponsored Stories ad units. 

Sponsored stories at the right pane
To review, Sponsored stories were messages or ads coming from friends engaging a page, app, or event in particular business, individual or organization that pays to highlight their product or website to get a better chance to see them.

You will notice it because it has Sponsored text appears in the News Feed or at the right side of the page.
Suggested sponsored stories shown on the news feed
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It is said controversial because Facebook and Advertisers sell their ads to your friends without your permissions.

On April 9, it will completely disappear from the news feed or homepage.

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