18 January 2014

Facebook Has A New Feature Called Trending Stories or Most Popular Posts

Facebook will now showcase its new feature called Trending Stories alongside the News Feed. It will be seen at the right side(see below image) of the profile. This new product, simply calls Trending, will show a customized and personalized list of popular posts for each of the friends and interests.

Announced on Thursday, Facebook will add Trending Topics.As you might see on the image below, each Trending posts has its short description, the users can click on each trend topics to see the lists of posts related to that topic.

Image: Facebook
In addition, you may see or hear Trending word in other media sites particularly on Twitter. Twitter's trending is different from this new feature because in Twitter it is accompanied by hashtag (Advertisers could promote it) that could be seen in the left side of its dashboard.

Facebook is using an algorithm to determine which topics are most well-recognized or sharp increase in popularity.

The company said also that it is not necessarily the posts within a large volume about a particular subject. These subjects that are always most popular on Facebook won't always become trending, depending on the spike in mentions.


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