18 December 2013

Why You Need To Use CopyPaste Script from Tynt

While making only a content does not earn you a lot in terms of profit, but you still need to drive traffic from sharing and advertising the posts.

But if you are tired to do marketing program, why not use this script to get more traffic. Introducing CopyPaste script that will increase traffic, insight, and SEO. Is CopyPaste improves and drives SEO and traffic to your site? Find out here.

Basically, I did use it and somehow it improves my traffic generated with this script. Its light-weight and it improves user experience.

No need to copy the link for credit and source, this script serves its purpose very well. Lastly, I do recommend this script for bloggers out there who need to improve traffics and rankings.

What is CopyPaste

CopyPaste is crafted by TYNT.com that gives the user to copy & paste any content from any blog, website, or social network with automatically-insertion of the page URL. Thus, creating an organic backlink in which it could improve SEO and search ranking.
CopyPaste logo
CopyPaste logo
How to Install CopyPaste Script?

The process is very simple and straightforward. All you have to do is to fill up fields and SIGN-UP
Fields include:
  • Email
  • Domain
  • Password
  • Confirm Password
CopyPase Key Benefits
  • Improves SEO and Search Rankings
  • Increases and drives more traffic
  • Discovers new content
  • Editorial Insights
  • Enhances user experience
  • Easier for reference
  • Ability to add custom links
  • Encourages users to give credit of reference/source content
  • Adds follow us feature like Facebook and Twitter
  • Address bar tracking capability
  • Measures site traffic generated by URL
  • Integrates CopyPaste with Google Analytics

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