08 December 2013

Typo Keyboard Case: iPhone 5/5s Accessory Tool

The first time I saw this phone, I really thought its BlackBerry Mixed Up with iPhone. That said, I reference the keyboard which ideally made me think it was BlackBerry. However, it turns out that it is one of the newest iPhone accessories created.

Does it really satisfy the needs of an iPhone 5/5s user?
Well, if you want to type faster with less typing errors, you probably want to use this iPhone's accessory. Introducing, Typo Keyboards , that will definitely change your experience with iPhone 5/5s.

TWO People, FOUR Phones

Typo Keyboard is an iPhone 5/53 keyboard case accessory tool specifically used for those busy people who can't live without it.

Typo Keyboard Case
Typo Keyboard Case


In their website, Typo Keyboard has key features to note
  • Type Faster w/ Less Typos
  • Touch keyboard brings back 40% more screen space for typing
  • Backlit Keyboard for typing in low light environments
  • Battery Indicator
  • Quick Currency Keys Access
  • Custom TYPO Smart Auto-Correct Enabled
  • Full charge in less than an hour
When you pre-order this and be shipped on 2014, it will cost at least $99 each.

Type Keyboard Technical Specifications
This case supported device to iPhone 5 / 5s only
It has a dimensions of 6.2x14.1x1mm
Weighs 1.4 ounces
Battery Life: 180 mAH
Power Input: 5V USB charging
Keyboard Light Color: White LED’s
Temperature: 40F - 110F
iPhone and Case  Simply a bluetooth pairing
System supportred: iOS 6+
Wireless Connection: Bluetooth 3.0
Warranty: 1 Year Operating

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