03 December 2013

TaskWealth: Genuine or Fake ?

It turns out that there is another one heck scam website that already circulated in the Facebook. Apparently, this is a simple judgement about the site – it is FAKE and SCAM.

While the readers of this blog, recommended to review about TaskWealth. Now, I will be citing more similar reasons why it is a fraud.

Most of the factors that I used as reference came from my research and as per experience. I know I could not persuade all people to believe in my review. However, if properly analyse and research, I am pretty sure they will appreciate the reasons.

I will really thank those readers with my blog for recommending me to review this TaskWealth.com. Without further ado, let's get started.

TaskWealth is website that offers and promises each user to earn $50-$100 daily, $25 bonus per signup, and $10 per task.

If you look at the design of the website(if you are familiar with this referring scheme, most likely be seen at Facebook), its kinda has a similar approach and style with other scam website.

Probably, one reader could ask me to try before I did conclude it is fake. However, my very simple answer is NO NEED TO TRY BECAUSE I ALREADY KNOW THE END STORY OF IT.

Reasons TaskWealth is Fake, Fraud, and Scam

1. No actual evidence of Real Earning Money
2. Simple Registration (Take note: It involves money here)
3. No security measure level installed.
4. Uses Fake person's testimonial
5.  No existing contact details
6. No forum or discussion ( a MUST)
7. Sign up BONUS and per TASK seems to be doubting
8. No actual wealth here.
9. Fake Statistics like Total Paid, members, and earning
10. Referring JOB only
11. Owner details is HIDDEN


If you truly want to earn money, you need to do some great effort and of course, the website itself, is real and legal.

By the way, I already earn in ClixSense. Heres my screenshot

I know its pretty small compared to these scam websites but well its legit.

Want to earn too?

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