11 December 2013

Rovio's "Angry Birds Go Races" Free-To-Play Game

Did you miss MarioKart game? Apart from being in the 90s play, MarioKart had proven to reduce stress by playing it, especially in a team competition.

Right now, you would thank that birds could also race. Not by flying but rather on riding. Are you ready? Get? Set? Go?

Rovio Entertainment has recently presented its new Angry Birds go across the globe. In the press release, Rovio's announced that the first major free-to-play title and time players to get and see 3D race graphics through Piggy Island.
Angry Birds Go
Angry Birds Go
In the said post, it featured Hasbro TELEPODS integration for all the main platforms on mobile and tablet namely: Android, iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry 10.

Angry Birds Go is a FREE packed with 3D graphics race game that features characters on Angry Birds itself. This game is available FREE-OF-CHARGE.

Angry Birds Go: Game Play

Players could do such stunt jump behind the wheel of a kart. The available races are Red, Chuck, Stella, King Pig, and Angry Birds universe characters.

Angry Birds go has 50 different soapbox karts and tracks.

According to Jami Laes, Executive VP of Games at Rovio Entertainment.
"Angry Birds Go! is our first major free-to-play Angry Birds game, and while we're super excited to step into this new territory, we’re also staying true to our roots. As with every previous Angry Birds game, there’s lots of free content and we have great new updates already planned – including the eagerly awaited arrival of multiplayer. Our main goal is to provide an amazing experience with more than enough content to make sure everyone has a blast. We do offer some really awesome premium content for fans who want a bit more, but we’ve designed the game so that you don’t have to pay to have a great time. The soft launch in select markets has helped us figure out what’s working well."
Besides, this game has many ways to make fun.


Angry Birds Go supports Android, iOS, Windows Phone 8, and BlackBerry 10 platform
Free To Play and Download


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