16 December 2013

Monetize and Earn With Qadabra Ad Revenue Network [Review]

"Qadabra: Ad revenue. Magically Simple". Yes. This is quite very true. In fact, Qadabra is one of the simplest ad networks to offer those publishers a capability to earn money using this ad service. You don't believe me? Well, you can try and test for real.

About Qadabra

Qadabra is very simple, plain, straight-forward ad platform made for publishers monetize their blog/website and earn revenue.

If you can't still get Adsense, you probably want to try this qadabra. 

I said that Qadabra is very simple. Right? Because the registration, ad placement, and payment is plain and straightforward. Compared to other ad network, Qadabra's registration is lot of easier.

Indeed, registration is easy as 1 2 3.

How easy?
1. You can sign up immediately
2. Create & Implement ad code

Qadabra's new placement code is plain and simple.

3. Voila! You can start earning with Qadabra.

Qadabra Features

  • No more waiting in order to go live. Tags are ready to be published and perform the second you create them.
  • Cutting-edge optimization algorithms automatically direct user traffic to the best-performing campaigns.
  • Qadabra’s experienced support team is there for you, adding a human dimension to automated performance.

Payment System

  • Supports two payment methods: Payoneer and Paypal 
  • Minimum automatic cashout of $1

This is my actual first cash-out with Qadabra. Actually, I use it in my other blog. (not in my major blogs. Because I already have Adsense)

Qadabra sent $1.01 in my email address/paypal account
Final Words

Now, if you want to earn extra income with Qadabra then Sign-up now. Even though Qadabra has lower rate of income than AdSense. For alternative purposes, Qadabra is highly recommended. Lastly, create quality content and earn more traffic for better revenues.


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