23 December 2013

Why Justine Sacco Is Being Fired Out By Her Company ?

The online community especially Twitter, once again abuzz by an offensive tweet by a certain person named Justine Sacco last Friday night. She tweeted something like this: "Going to Africa. Hope I don't get AIDS. Just kidding. I'm  white" and this racist and offensive tweet made her Internet company IAC to reasonably fire her out.

According to Mashable interview last Saturday, IAC spokesperson had fired her and stated that her tweet was hateful and did not reflect the views and values of IAC.

Image taken from Twitter shows Sacco's offensive tweet

Twitter is known to be the place to air frustrations and free opinions but no to such offensive tweet because it could start users became furious.

Upon landing in South Africa, according to the report, Sacco's twitter was being deleted. Her company, IAC stated that there is no excuse for offensive/hateful statements. Thus, IAC fired her.

Despite of the criticism and statement of her company, she has not yet publicly stated and addressed her side story.


Whether you are famous or semi-popular in other part of industry, or not, then don't try to post any offensive or racist tweets or statuses.

Image: Mashable/Facebook

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