25 December 2013

Is Justin Beiber Retiring or Just Trolling ?

Several Belieber fans filled with sorrows at Christmas day, when Pop Star Justin Beiber Tweeted for his retiring. In his official Twitter account, he tweeted that he will officially retiring.

According to Mashable report, it was a week after when Bieber told Los Angeles Power 106 radio station that he will retire in the next album.

Actual tweet

But one of his tweets could somehow lead to a promotion about his movie #BelieveMovie. In his recent tweet, he announce that it’s here with a Youtube Video.


Lot of mix feelings about the said announcement, some were happy and some were in tears.  In the past years, Beiber had been a subject for humiliation. On most fun websites like 9gag, Justin became a mainsteam for a negative meme.

In Mashable Fanpage, more fans reacted and commented humorously.

I still remember his behavior when he mocks Filipinos and Manny Pacquiao. Thus, he became the most hated celebrity in history.

With the announcement, there were lots of questions left unanswered. Is Justine Bieber retiring for real or just trolling?

Screenshots from Twitter

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