30 December 2013

JobNpay.com: Real or Fake?

Jobs online are quite known for this technology pace. Users tend to focus on job searching online rather on their local place. We can't deny the fact that jobs online have a higher salaries compared to the local. With that in mind, online job websites see this as an opportunity for both employers and employee to interact.

However, there is one problem. Not all websites are not real.

JobNpay seems to be one of these websites that is fake. Why? Learn more.


For a quick JobnPay Review

Here are the reasons why JobNpay is fake, fraud, and scam!
  • Brief Answer: Jobnpay is FAKE
  • Registration system lacks features like Captcha, Authentication, confirmation, and other security
  • Fake testimonials and statistics
  • No forum, blog updates, contact us, privacy, terms
  • Hilarious FAQs
  • Security-level is at high risk of exposed
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Why you need not to join
  • First, it collects your email address and fullname. Which could be dangerous in other way. 
  • Second, these collection of sensitive data could sell it to other third party.
  • Third, they earn from you. But you can't earn from them. Reality!
  • Lastly, it is annoying to refer and flood on group and news feed.
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