06 December 2013

Earn Money With InviteIncome: Real or Scam?

The search and hunt for scam website is never been easy thing to do. In fact, more and more websites pop up in the corner and begun to circulate in the social media site like Facebook.

In addition, more people were being fooled by these scam websites. A mere factor is they failed or tired of researching first. Instead, they usually working with it. Even though the registration is FREE and there is no money involved but TIME is never been wasted at the first place.

To those people who keep arguing me and tell me to do and work first before I begin to conclude if it is scam or not.

TIME is precious indeed. This is what I usually answered to those who keeps on debating me. I respect their idea of faith and perseverance. But here, it is not suitable, for one thing, everything should be expend great effort, money, and time.

Invite Income
Before anything else, I would like to  add some introduction about this new reviewed website. First thing first.

InviteIncome.com promises to do easiest way to Earn Money with a signup bonus of $25 and per task of $10.

Though, InviteIncome.com is FREE of registration still there are many factors to consider. Not all FREE is legit.

For this reason, I shall add some factors why inviteincome is fake and scam. To add something quite one thing reason not to join is another website with similar design but different logo or company name.

You can visit it here: MyStandardJob

Factors Why InviteIncome is FRAUD, FAKE, and SCAM
1. Registration
Looking above screenshot, you will notice that it lacks some details. That indication merely tells you not to join because at the first place it has lesser fields of information.

2. Site Earns But Not You

Ads can be seen below the website. The real thing about earning is that only the site earns but not the member.

3. Website is LESS secure

The first factor I have given has no security measure installed like ANTI-BOTS and CAPTCHA

4. Lauren Murray is FAKE

5. Joshia Frauhmin is fake

“Not only Inviteincome.com enables me to earn money, but also a great part time source for me to earn ten time greater than my ordinary job, i am working hard and referring my all friends from social sites face book, twitter, Google Plus. It make my work more easier and efficient. Now i am making blog posts and spreading the Inviteincome work all over the internet to make my income more and more higher! it touches the Sky!”Joshia Frauhmin is the head of deployment at breadcrumb by Session electronics Philippines.

6. Site has no FORUM

With all the sites I had reviewed, I really stressed out the importance of having a discussion or a forum in a website most especially for those sites involve money.

Here, members could share what they have experienced.

7.  Statistics is FAKE and has the same with some scam websites
Total Paid: $456,469 USD      Total Members:  137928         Online: 143

8. Lack of information with FAQS

 Anti-CheatPlease note that we have a strong anti-cheat system, so do not bother sending fake traffic. You will get credited about it, but eventually you will not get paid and your account will get banned. Only send real people from real pages.

I laughed so hard when I read this faq. ANTICHEAT? Ironically, they were cheaters in the first place.

9. Support or contact us does not exists

Send us email at     [email protected]

10. Payment Options set only for Western Union and The Standard Bank of Canada 

One thing you will notice is the Standard Bank of Canada where it has signed with signature though.

ALTERNATIVES (real websites)

I recommend these earning sites above. They promise no BIG amount but with the great effort you will have the idea of being a successful.

DO YOU HAVE SOME QUESTIONS? Feel free to ask :)

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