07 December 2013

GCASH: Expands Network Over The Country

GCASH has expanded its growing network and partners with TORCHe Global Marketing, Inc. (TGMI) to help reaching out with the latest technologies and advertising.

Does it gives better service among subscribers?

What is GCASH? 

GCASH is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Globe Telecom, Inc. and operated by G-Xchange, Inc.(GXI). 

It partners with TGMI and other organizations like Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCCI) and the Franchise Corporation of the Philippines (FranCorp) to expands its network in the country.

TGMI or TORCHe Global Marketing, Inc. is a marketing consultancy firm that has primary goal on helping companies (like Globe Telecom GCASH) to reach out widest possible.

What are the services GCASH expected to have?

With the team up with TGMI and its affiliates it will include PowerPay+ Card. PowerPay+ Card is a funds disbursement services which is linked to GLOBE/TM SIM that traditionally disburse via cash and check.

The second services that will enable GCASH user is the BUY LOAD, which become a load reseller by buying airtime load using GCASH and has a 10% rebate.

In addition, its GCASH outlets  that convert cash to Gcash and vice versa.

Lastly, it eyes with the payment solution that will equipped business owners to accept credit card payments without the need for a bank-issued POS terminal.

“With our partnership with TORCHe Global Marketing, Inc., we are expanding GCASH to reach more users and business who can directly benefit from an easy, hassle-free, and secure platform for money transfer services. This will allow business establishments and affiliations to operate more efficiently and enjoy our innovative product portfolio,” expressed Paolo Baltao, GXI President.
“It is our privilege to partner with GCASH for this meaningful business opportunity. We are confident that GCASH’s roster of services will further business transactions as well as financial services in the country,” said Atty. Miguel Varela, Chairman of TORCHe Global Marketing, Inc.

For more information on GCash, visit globe.com.ph/gcash.

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