08 December 2013

Dollarpertask: Is it Fake or Real? [Review]

While I scrolling down through my Facebook newsfeed, I got stuck-up with a comment that pertains to earn a dollar per task. This might be attracting website. However, most of the websites display in dollar currency.

With Dollarpertask.com, inevitably, it basically gives a member a dollar per task done. However, this promises seldom doubting as to its legalities.

Since I am actively reviewing earning websites every now and then, this new and will circulate in Facebook and other sites. DollarPerTask in my initial review, I already concluded it as a SCAM and FAKE. Why? Find out here.

DollarPerTask is a new website[scam] that will offer a job and get paid. It displays easier work for members who join the site.

The sad news is that this website comes specifically not to give the user the benefits but rather earn from them. Ironically, there are some members/users failed to research first. Good thing, if you are reading here, I am pretty sure, you will not think twice about this site.

About Dollarpertask

Well, it is not innovating in nature because I already some of these similar websites.
 DollarperTask.com is a new innovating job site, where you will be hired to do some task, different in type and number. and you will be paid a estimated reward for that instant in your account, after it the job poster will review the service and approve the status for your payout, then you will be paid for your http://work via western union. Money gram is also coming soon. You have to create a account with us to start and login to your member area, and do daily your jobs and you will be really great after using our service.

It guarantees
We guarantee you that you will earn 1500$ in your first week by simple task of 5 - 10 minute

Initially, Dollarpertask has this kind and straight points:

Instant Job Account Setup and Get Paid for your work! Guaranteed Job Selection.Create your Job holding Personal Account.  Click here!Login to your Job Management Area. Click Here!And start work that you got in your Dashboard.And the, Instant money paid for your work in your account!
It promises to give members a 25$ Signup Bonus.

Reasons Why You Should Not Join with DollarPerTask

1. Simple Registration Flow

The individual process here is pretty simple:

Member Login
Step 1: Create your New Account today! Click here!
Step 2: Login with your username and Password!
Step 3: Check your Account Area, with 25$ Bonus.

However, one factor to consider is the registration. You will notice that it has a lack of fields of information which ideally not for a website to offer.

2. Recent Payments are FAKE (Imaginary names)

Recent Payments:
  John Lewis             900 USD    (UK)
  Albert Honey         200 USD     (UK)
  Kamran Ali            700 USD     (PAK)
  Kumar Deva        490 USD     (INDIA)

3. Payments

Payments will be clear on 24 - 30th of the next month after your cash approval of each month.
You will receive your money by the dealer of western union nearer to your home.

Actually, with some similar websites, before you claim your earnings, you will answer a survey first but after answering it. There is no clue on how you will really get your money. Suxx

4. Terms and conditions

Very basic terms and agreement displayed on their website.
1 - While Visiting our site, Joining our site and using our site You are automatically agreed to our Terms and Conditions, If you found out terms and conditions not reliable for you, you are allowed to stop using it.2 - You Must use the White hat (Legal) Methods to promote our business.3 - You are not allowed to contact us through any mean except the email provided in Contact US page, otherwise your account will be deleted for spam emails to other emails.4 - Not everyone is guaranteed a payout and that their payouts are subject to the terms and conditions of the website.5 - We will review your performance, and if we observer that you are eligible for getting payout, then your payout will be sent.5 - We can change our Terms and Conditions at any time or for instance, You are bound to always agreed to our Terms and disclaimers.6 - You cannot post or abuse anything related to our website, otherwise we can take legal notice against you.7 - Always discuss and contact with the email, we will never response you other then this contact email. i-e  [email protected] It could take few days to get you response back.8 - In all matters, our observation and statement would be full and final solution for each and every matters.System Updates:Anti-Cheat : Please note that we have a strong anti-cheat system, so do not bother sending fake traffic. You will get credited about it, but eventually you will not get paid and your account will get banned. Only send real people from real pages.NotePlease note that if you have not logged in to your account for more than 30 days, all your earnings will be lost.
Wait. Anti-cheat? (Laugh)

5. Support email does not exist
6. It has no FORUM for discussion
7. No actual evidence of payments earned by member (Forum is critical)
8. Support no security mechanism features
9. Fake Statistics
Total work completed of:  345,954,909 USD
Paid to members on Approval: 305,954,909 USD
Current Active Job holders: 148,000 Employees.
Unapproved earning of members: 40,000,000 USD
10. Owners are hidden



Dollarpertask is not worthy of your precious time. It only adds burden and annoyance. Honestly, I won't recommend it for you. But if you insist it's true, I respect you. Try to REFRESH your referral link, surely, it will earn you a lot of dollars. This indication will tell you that DOLLARPERTASK has a lack of business orientation and in programming procedure.When something bad happens, you will know who to blame.

Rather working easier jobs(which might be true if its check properly).

Do you have some questions or additions? Please feel free to comment. :")


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