27 December 2013

Cherry Mobile G1: Specs, Availability, & Price

What time is it? Probably, answered with old-fashioned ticking watch. However, it is nicer to have those notifications came from social media like Facebook and Twitter across own watch right?

Smartwatches are not new gadgets though it was companies likely to announced manufacturing their own watch. Several known and big companies most likely on the race to its new 'the-next-big-gadget'. Finally, smartwatch breaks out to mainstream like Samsung  Galaxy Gear, Sony SmartWatch 2, and rumored Apple's iWatch.

In similar manner, in local, Cherry Mobile announced its Watch Phone and dubbed as the most anticipated and first wearable device in 2014.

In their Facebook Fanpage, they introduced Cherry Mobile G1 Watch Phone to hit right on time for year 2014.

Cherry Mobile G1 Watch Phone is definitely cheaper than Samsung Galaxy Gear or Sony Smartwatch 2. It has a current price of P1,699.00 only.

It has cool features for a watch too.

Cherry Mobile G1 quick Specifications:

Display: 1.44 Touch LCD screen w/ Slider Key+D-Pad
Connection: GPRS / WAP Bluetooth
Storage: MicroSD up to 8GB
Features: Call and Text function, Dual SIM w/ Camera, FM
Price: 1,699.00

Availability: It is already sold at selected malls only. As of this writing.

Processor, OS, & RAM are still not known. Does not support WIFI.

First Impressions

While it price lower than any smartwatch available, this Cherry Mobile G1 lacks other features to make it more convenient and more useful.

You could expect it for a cheaper price. Right?

What do you think about this Cherry Mobile G1 Watch Phone? Feel free to comment below.

Image: Cherry Mobile Facebook Fan Page


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