03 December 2013

Amazon's Flying Delivery Robot Drones

Well, this is terribly great! Wait. Sounds complicated phrase but if you imagine one of the drones will knock off to your house, I guess will be shocked with the flying objects. On the other side, it is great innovation too that could somehow adds historic-claimed of invention at this technology age.

For you, how do you feel about this flying robot drones?
Amazong Delivery Flying Robot Drones
Amazon Delivery Flying Robot Drones. Image taken from Mashable
Year 2013 has nearly come to an end, however, it does not mean that there is no such bet of invention to unveil.

Amazon bit history

Amazon is one of the online shopping website for electronics, books, toys, tools, items, and other useful products. It is the world's largest online retailer. Though, from time and time, Amazon has reinvented itself. For the information of everyone, Amazon has a total of 225 million customers all over the globe. With this figure, its goal primary went to sell anything to anyone.

In an Interview with 60 Minutes

In the recent news last Sunday night on 60 Minutes interview, Amazon Founder and CEO, Jeff Bezos, perhaps has this imaginative-child-like, unveiled one of his biggest innovation to the world – Flying Robot Drones – will use to delivery product.

Serviced be Called

The said service is called Amazon Prime Air. The idea is to delivery orders by flying robot drones in 30 minutes AFTER the user hits the BUY button at the website – amazon.com.

Roll out Sometime in Year 2015

Now, a certain video on Youtube shows what it will work like. The availability of these drones will hopefully rollout in 2015 which depend on Federal Aviation Authority (FAA).

Right now, I am amazed with this news but at the same feel scary. In addition, I have some questions too.

1. Does it apply for those appliances like Television or Refrigerator?
2. What technology to locate the whereabouts about the customer?
3. If properly delivered to the recipient, what is the next option for a robot to return?
4. Are these robots capable with strongly supports with the wind change or rainy season?

Do you like this idea of innovation?

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