24 December 2013

2CashSite: Real or Scam? [Review]

Its been awhile since I had reviewed site then. Perhaps, I was being interested to write up because I want to share knowledge and idea to my readers. I know some that they won't believe me in the first place but let me tell first that I already have been in online first since its existing sites.

I knew because I was being fooled since then. Anyway, let us forget and start to move on.  General question, is it real? fake? or scam?

Looking jobs online is a bit difficult to find and sometimes you ended up in a fake and scam site. So the question rises and you begin to search for the clues online. With this, I shall review 2cashsite.com.

What is 2Cashsite

2CashSite.com is yet another scam website that promises to offer users to earn money with a little effort and could be annoying task. 2cashsite was formerly known as TaskWealth.com. When you browse TaskWealth, you will be redirected to 2cashSite.com. Its fresh and be warned too.

The nature of 2cashsite.com is to give members the ability to earn money. It has a signup bonus of 25$ and task of 10$.

With the figure cited, you sure be doubted rather being amazed with the amount. A 25$ join bonus generally couldn't withstand the support financially.

Come to think of it, I have 1000 person to refer and each earns with $25. So, they will earn 25,000$ and I will earn 10,000$. Normally, it is not feasible with kind of business flow.

Even with the real and legitimate websites don't give such high bonus and revenue. And thus, that reason alone would tell you not to join.

If you think it is not enough reason to quit, I will be giving more reasons on WHY 2CashSite.com is FAKE.

Why 2CashSite.com is FAKE, SCAM, and FRAUD

1. No actual or real evidence of cashout
2. Statistics displayed is fake.

Total Paid: $786,469 USD      Total Members:  137928         Online: 253    

3. Registration seems to be simple and lacks of information

4. Testimonial statements is not real
5. No security measures
6. Lack of design
7. Contact does not exists
8. Payment options is not real and is limited
9. No forum discussion
10. Hidden information of owners
11. Last known site to be a scammed one
12. Ridiculous FAQS

Final thoughts

Don't be blinded with the large amount of money. Remember, most of them will just entice you to join. In the long run, they will earn money out from you and you will parted away.

Try this legit website that could earn you if properly studied and observed

Therefore, I really would suggest not to join 2cashsite.com. It is fake, scam, and fraud. 

Do you have questions? Feel free to comment below. 

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