30 November 2013

Thepaytime Review: Is it Real or Fake ?

There is one thing I have noticed this similar websites just keep on displaying on some newsfeed or group. While this user posting and persuading other people to join, it seems that they failed to research it first.

Does thepaytime really pays you money? Is it real or fake?

To answer this question, I would like to show off one big question to those readers: Is $25 signup bonus made one factor to attract you? Of course, YES! However, in business, if you compute $25 with each person who join, does the owner of the website has a large money of capital to pay? The answer is no! Unless it is fake and scam.

For the meantime, this thepaytime.com, without a doubt, is a fake, fraud, and scam. Why? Learn more here.

thepaytime logo | Website
thepaytime logo | Website
Website: thepaytime.com
Nature: Provides earning money online
Brief analysis: FAKE and SCAM

Thepaytime, according to their website, promises to give unlimited positions with or without experience. However, if you already tried it, it seems that the only one job you will achieve is to REFER.

Referring someone with a link creates and earns the owner of the link a money (in most cases its $10). If you look closely with the websites information, I wish you will appreciate their kind in scamming people.

Yes, definitely they will fake it to earn more user and more traffic.

In addition, I would like to share my recent review about tasksheep.com. Mostly, it has the same design, information, tos, registration, contact, and others except its logo.

Read it here: TaskSheep: Review

If you read that review post, I did show some information as to why it is tagged as FAKE or SCAM.

However, I shall share also in brief on Why THEPAYTIME is fake, fraud, and scam.


1. Registration - incomplete or lack of information to be filled with.
2. Less secure - no actual security measure mechanism is shown
3. Earn money - $25 signup bonus is not feasible in websites unless the owner is billionaire.
4. Fake recent payout - who the heck are these people by the way? There is no evidence about their profile.
5. Poor design quality - website has made in poor quality.
6. Contact - it does not exists.
7. Footer (New!) - this is probably new with all the review similar websites.
It shows:
NO PURCHASE NECESSARY FOR PAYOUT or for any of the steps involved with the payout on this website. This offer does not apply where prohibited by law. This site is open to legal residents of the United States, and other countries, who are at least of legal age in their country. For official rules, including odds and prize description, see Official Rules. Please contact "Contact Us Now"  with questions regarding your account, please allow up to 48 hours for response. Ends 12/8/2014.
Are they serious now? NAH!

8. Agreement seems to be improving - however it still lacks of information and wordings.
9. Payout system - it they have real payout system thats good but it does support WU only  which contradict to the registration fields.
10. Hard to cash out - in case it is TRUE. You need to answer survey first to get the money. However, if you about in the finish line, something crazy will happen.
11. No forum
12. No actual evidence of cashout
13. Hidden owner information.

Final Thoughts

Someone said to me that I should be OPEN-MINDED about this kind of business. She does not know that being open-minded gave me this knowledge not to join with this websites.

Of course, I did respect her belief about online business. I guess she really need to do some research before uttering some statements about me.

Again, when searching or working online be sure to check its legalities. You can check above reasons that I have shown.

Finally, don't try to join and work in Thepaytime.com. They are not only earning from you but they could sell your information elsewhere.


There is really no shortcut to success. There is no formula too. But with lot of effort and hard work, I am pretty sure, someday, somehow, it will pays off.

One of the characteristics of a real and legit websites is it gives lower earning value.


ClixSense. Here, you could only earn up to $0.04 per day. However, same with other networking-type websites.

You need to refer others. There are many people who are very successful with this business.

Thank you :)


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