02 November 2013

[ Solved ] HOW TO: Fix No Bootable Device Insert Boot Disk and Press Any Key

Have you ever experienced "no bootable device -- insert boot disk and press any key" ? Sounds very frustrating right? In most cases, I have seen this issue with laptops and netbooks. To be straightforward, I have no experience at all at hardware especially on netbooks and laptops.

However, I can determine problems with it. So here, what does No Bootable Device meant?

Problem: When rebooting or starting the system and it will just display No Bootable Device -- Insert Boot Disk and Press Any Key. *Though, when pressing any keys, actually, just display same issue .One laptop that I had checked seems to be working well after I keypressed CTRL+ALT+DELETE *

Causes: The BIOS simply cannot locate Operating System (Windows) boot-up installed. On Windows 7, I actually had a problem but for that XP (One Laptop) it simply can boot up and working well. However, in the long run it displays some minor glitches.

Some reasons for this issue to occur are the following:

    • First, the BIOS itself somehow changed the settings
    • Secondly, Hard Drive is corrupted or damaged
    • Thirdly, OS installation is corrupted


With the above-cited reasons, each could be checked and tested.

    • In BIOS, check SATA or IDE being enabled.
    • For the Hard Drive failure, this is the MOST known source of failure and MOSTLY fixed the problem
    • If you try to install OS especially Windows 7 and it does not continue to install (HD is really the problem), try to use XP, though it can successfully install in the system but it will display same issue later on.


In most cases, the only solution is to replace hard drive or any hardware. I repaired laptops and netbooks by telling them to buy new harddisk ;)

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