02 November 2013

The Power of Adobe Photoshop - Make Over Model. Great or Alarming?

It was on this Youtube Video that I came across with that I really appreciated on how it achieve incredible photo using this powerful application, Adobe Photoshop. From a single original model turns to fabulous and fascinating masterpiece of edition. For this large part of modification, does media company uses more on edition than their models?

For quite valid reasons, some websites were fueled by more controversies over distorted by media and made it more shocking. Is beauty standard controversies a shame or a greatness power of technology?

The photo above depicts before and after the edition, with the BEFORE, it shows a model with bikini posed for topless, without makeup and without hair-sytling, a spark of lights, and hairsytle-artist applied make-up on the model. And then....

Below the YouTube video lasted for 36 seconds speeds up to make it more interesting quite sexier model. As the video continues, it surprises me when that Expert Photoshop artist moved the cursors, stretched and expanded some part of figures, lightened the face and body, and lifted some eyebrows. For the interesting part, it gives me a jaw-dropping experience.

In the final(After) image, you will definitely amazed.

You can watch it here:

It merely shows how effective Photoshop was however controversies were all over the sites.

Image/video: Youtube (Try10000time )

Is it alarming or impressive?

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