04 November 2013

MyPhone Fuego Ignite Specs, Price, & Availability

I'd like to introduce some cheaper MyPhone model that has a basic bar phone – MyPhone Fuego Ignite. There is no fancy specs here but at P788.00, you will certainly accepted it. 

MyPhone Fuego Ignite is a bar phone type that has basic specs and features which include, DUAL SIM, a display of 2.4" QVGA, Flashlight, Bluetooth connectivity, and a storage expandable up to 8MB.

Will you buy MyPhone Fuego Ignite?
MyPhone Fuego Ignite
MyPhone Fuego Ignite poster
For a P788.00, you can own MyPhone Fuego Ignite that has a cool and basic key features.

  • Processor: 312 Mhz
  • TYPE: Bar Phone
  • Dual SIM slot feature
  • Camera VGA settings
  • 2.4" LCD QVGA
  • Flashlight
  • Supports: FM and Bluetooth
  • Dual Band
  • Expandable Memory up to 8GB
  • Battery: 900mAH
  • Flash Memory: 24MB + 32 MB
  • Price: 788.00
  • Available on MyPhone stores nationwide
Take note also that if you just wanted to have text and call, this  is quite good to use. However, if you want some more better interaction.

Spend more money for those smartphones.


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