01 November 2013

MonthlyJobPay: Fake or Real? [Review]

Looking for a job and of course paid monthly? Sure, we all want that job that really pays off. However, with this MonthlyJobPay.com site, I probably won't suggest to even start working with it. Why is it so?

Nothing's personal here but I did my best to share some information regarding with these scam websites. Though, not all websites exposed threat to fake ones. There are many still have do their great job sites.

Now, the question: MonthlyJobPay is it a fake or real? My simple answer: its fake. Why?

MonthlyJobPay logo
MonthlyJobPay logo
Earning money online becomes rampant. Many users actually attracted to try to work when someone in their Facebook friends shared some promising earning or a job that pays.

MonthlyJobpay is simply, with the similar websites I reviewed, one heck of website circulated mostly on Facebook with the mission: to invite user(phishing), and to help them getting richer.

If you expect to get a job with this site, I believe it made you sadden. Its a fact. Here are the reasons why.

Reasons Why MonthlyJobPay is Fake
  • Registration seems to be easier to sign-up. Its one indication to doubt.
  • NO security-level implemented measures(anti-bot, captcha, authentication link, session, secure http etc.)
  • NO actual piece of evidence for cashout from a member
  • Displays Fake Statistics
  • Recent Payments are imaginary ones
  • Signup bonus 25$ way to high for this kind of websites
  • Less payment options(or should I say, there's no heck choice)
  • One Annoying Task: Share referral link
Other way around, if you find another websites, you may look at these factors. It help you a lot though.


MonthlyJobPay is a fake, fraud, and scam. I highly suggest not to waste your time dealing or working with it. Thank you for reading this post. :)

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