02 November 2013

Is EasyTaskJob.com Real or Fake?

There is no guarantee for the easiest job and get paid. Almost endeavors in business, needs to work very hard to get sum of money.

Effortless job, of course, comes before a success with hard work and great effort. However, EasyTaskJob does not even made you a success one. Why?

Actually, with that site promises to get you effortless and easiest task to do. It simply provides quite enticing statements in the website JUST to attract prospect user. In my case, nah, I don't even get attracted to it.

By simply, viewing its design and website, I immediately concluded it as a scam. Reasons?

Claim: Earn promising amount with easiest task
Brief analysis: It is fake!

At most, I have seen quite many websites that have similar designs and flow but just differ with logo. In my recent posts, I actually did some reviews about scam websites.

Here, EasyTaskJob makes in my lists of scam and must avoid website.

EasyTaskJob is another website(scam) that circulated on Facebook. It promises to earn you pretty good revenues with easiest task. A signup bonus of $25 simply not right maybe left.

Reasons Why It is Fake  and Scam

  • Poor Design and flow
  • No actual admin/owner interaction
  • No Blog Updates
  • Less secure
  • Prune to hack
  • Exposed to great danger
  • Registration quite less information
  • Fake Statistics
  • Recent payments is fake
  • Owners' information are hidden
  • Contact details don't exists
  • One Heck Annoying Job
  • No Anti-hack system
  • No Anti-DDOS system
  • Normal Browsing (No Secure https)
  • Less Payment options
  • No discussion
  • No actual testimony
Is EasyTaskJob.com Real or Fake? Yes, it is fake and scam. :)


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