21 November 2013

Instagram App Is Now on Windows Phone

Looks like Instagram made a quite promising app on Windows Phone, bringing photo-sharing users the excitement in the launching of Instagram for Windows Phone.

In the blog post of Instagram, they happily, at the same time excited to give more than 150 million users worldwide.
Instagram Logo

Instagram is an app where people come to be inspired and connect with others thru photo-sharing. It is also packed with great photo-editing features that users would really love.

Moreover, they made FREE available to Windows Phone users as quickly as people, so that they can really focus on the great experience with Instagram's Core Features.

To install: Try to click here -> Instagram for Windows Phone

As you notice, Instagram adds BETA after its name and for its icon it is much different compared with their traditional icon.

Instead of that Instagram logo above, here, it is quite a simple blue-green camera icon. According to PCMag post, it is to drive home incompleteness.

Learn more about Instagram for Windows phone at help.instagram.com and download it today from the Windows Phone Store!

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