13 November 2013

HiredPay: Is it Real or Scam?

Are you searching for a work online? Are you interested to join with a bonus of $25? Lastly, do you love to work for a $10 per task? Well, this is NOT for you. At least, I am very honest with you. Hiredpay.com is not for you and for me as well. 

HiredPay is not scam, why? Find out more here.

What is HiredPay?

HiredPay is a website offers (but not give) earning revenues. It is promised to give work to members. But this is actually a joke, and it terms of legalities, I am quite sure it does not have any.

Earning Made Easy!
Simple, Higher and More..
We are innovating in the market of online marketplace and working from years in this filed, and now we open our online branch for users worldwide, we are accepting limited peoples, so be quick and start your online earning career.

Simpler, Quicker Job!
Easy, Quick and Money..
It is easy as 1,2,3 and Simpler as a,b,c. So who ever will not try!, We have limited vacancies. make your account today and have a pleasant earning with us. After creating your personal account with us.

Monthly Scheduled Payment
Earning every month..
Everybody loves to get paid every month,
so why not with us. we have system who pay
the payout to users every month from
26th to 30th of every month. So work hard
to make your payment ready for payout for every month.

HiredPay members will earn $10 for every task (this task is very annoying and aggressive, you only do referring others).

HiredPay also give a $25 sign up bonus for those members joining the said website.

Why HiredPay is fake and Scam

Reasons as follows:

  • Fake Joshia Fraumin statement

“Not only getpaid4visits.com enables me to earn money, but also a great part time source for me to earn ten time greater than my ordinary job, i am working hard and referring my all friends from social sites face book, twitter, Google Plus. It make my work more easier and efficient. Now i am making blog posts and spreading the getpaid4visits work all over the internet to make my income more and more higher! it touches the Sky!”
Joshia Frauhmin is the head of deployment at breadcrumb by Session electronics Philippines.

  • Lauren Murray Marketing manager is a fake.
  • Registration is simple and less secure. It lacks some features to assure members safe and secure.
  • Fails to change getpaid4visits

Trusted by the world’s leading earners & professionals
getpaid4visits helps young professionals & earners - large & small - collect better, more useful data across all channels with engaging, interactive, smart & powerful source of earning money by doing simple tasks.)

  • Fake statistics: Total Paid: $456,469 USD      Total Members:  137928         Online: 1
  • No forum. (Best to have such feature for discussion)
  • No pertinent business documents to transaction
  • Hidden owners information
  • Lack payment options
  • One Job (to refer only)
  • Poor web design.
  • No blog updates
  • No privacy disclosure
  • No terms and agreement
What they will get from members?

Sensitive information like email address and name. This is not safe consider it has no privacy and terms agreement.

I strongly advised not to join HiredPay.com. 

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