08 November 2013

Google Doodle Hermann Rorschach 129th Birthday Celebration

Google has featured its homepage a black-and-white theme doodle depicts inkblot test by Freudian pychiatrist Hermann Rorschach.

Who is Hermann Rorschach? What he contributed to human?

Hermann Rorschach Google Doodle
Hermann Rorschach Google Doodle
For this day (11-08-2013), Google doodle features a black-and-white cartoon version of the renowned Swiss-Freudian psychiatrist and pyschoanalyst, Hermann Rorchach, sitting left side of the screen and holding a piece of pen and notepad, while hands hold a piece of paper in the center containing inkblot.

This doodle needs user interaction by clicking next or previous arrow shown in the video slideshow below.

Watch Google Doodle Hermann Rorschach [11/08/2013]


Google celebrated 129th birthday celebration of psychiatrist Hermann Rorschach. Who is Hermann Rorschach?

He was born November 8, 1884 in Zurich, Switzerland. He was a Swissh-Freudian psychiatrist and psychoanalyst. What's so special about him?

When he was in his school days, his friend called him Klecks or Inkblot by making fanciful pictures. Well, thanks to his Klecksography, he was best known for developing a test with it – Rorschach inkblot test or turning inkblots into images.

This test however was being designed to reflect unconscious parts of the personality. In the test, individuals are shown 10 inkblots, each individual asked to report what object they see.

After years of conducting inkbloc tests, Rorschach wrote Psychodiagnostik – a book describing how inkblot tests can be effectively used in psychoanalysis.

Rorschach died on April 1, 1922 before he could written a great piece of work. 


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