02 November 2013

[Blogging] 2nd Payout With Infolinks Inc.

I will be happy to announce that Infolinks, Inc. had sent me $50 bucks for September 2013 payment. In my recent blog posts, I reviewed some fake earning websites that promise to earn you money.

Today, I will be stressing out not for those just sharing links but with mix of passion about writing – Blogging. For those skeptics, this is not a fake as similar with those websites that you might learned.

Blogging actually pays off and I will prove it that. First, I consolidated some of my earnings through with this post – How I get earning online

Earning money is quite common and hype today, but be sure to choose what are those real and legitimate.

Blogging career improved my writing skills (English is though my weakness). Pretty sure, I step forward to learn more about writing and grammar.

Not only it improves my vocabulary, yet guess what, I earned extra money too.

Sent via Email

Infolinks, Inc. sent me a roughly total of $50.85 USD. Though, it is actually small amount of money but the thing is, who can give me such figure for free? Thanks to Infolinks by the way.

Take note also that Infolinks is a FREE advertising service with give both publisher and advertiser beneficiaries – Earnings and Traffic + revenue respectively.

So what are the requirements?

First, you need an account for your blog or website: you can choose Blogger platform as your first choice.
Secondly, register to infolinks.com its actually free.

TIP: Before creating account in Infolinks be sure you already had some posts. Each posts must have number of words, ideally 400-600 words to get you an account.
  • Any niche topics will do includes Personal, Tech, Food, News, etc. However, it is highly suggested to choose what you believe you are capable of.
  • Apply marketing post strategy on your posts to. Thus, you will share it to social media sites.
  • Create fresh post to excite your readers
  • Add mixed photos and videos to make it more unique and more attractive.
 Visit: Infolinks.com

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