12 October 2013

Why You Need To Upgrade To Premium on ClixSense

ClixSense has long been operating since 2007 to serve advertisers and users both earning online. With its members, they could make money from clicking ads, doing tasks, Playing ClixGrid game, and answering offers.

It could have been asked for some users who wish to know what exactly is becoming a premium user in ClixSense.

Does Premium user type could help boost earnings? Is it right to upgrade to premium? How much will I be earning when upgraded to premium?

These are quite a tough questions. For this purpose, I made slightly a case study on why you need to upgrade to premium user type on ClixSense.

Why You Should Upgrade To Premium on ClixSense

Be a Premium User on ClixSense
Be a Premium User on ClixSense
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What is Premium Account on ClixSense?

From its word, it could mainly mean, you need to pay an amount to upgrade and become a premium user. To upgrade to a premium account, you need to pay at least $17 per year. It may sound dubious on to questions whether it is advisable to upgrade or not.

To be sure, Premium account has a lot of opportunities to earn more money.

Benefits of Premium user

    • Signup commission on referral
    • Higher chance to win on ClixGrid game (you will have 60 attempts)
    • Higher direct referral commissions
    • 8-tier affiliate program
    • Guaranteed minimum four premium ads worth $0.01

While it is interesting to note about the benefits, but to earn more money may depend on many factors.
One of the factors may vary from day to day cycle. You will have 20 ads today and tomorrow it will only show ten ads.


Premium User is worth $17 per year. I will be showing some calculations here. Right now, the information may not be exactly what you will earn.

Things to note

    • 1 year = 365 days
    • $17 /  365 days = $0.046575 per day
    • 4 guaranteed ads worth $0.01 = $0.04

With the above figures, it is said that in $17, you can earn it in a year too. But this is not the case, sometimes, you could skip the days. You may be had a vacation, rest, and unwind, or a sick feeling. Theoretically, it won't reach to $17. However, there are some factors to that will boost earnings.


    • I just want to put average micro ads per day => 15 ads worth $0.001 equals $0.015 per day. But it all depends on how active you are in promoting your affiliate program.
    • One ad worth $0.05 - usually I have this every day, but it depends on.
We already have $0.04 (guaranteed), $0.015 (averages), and $0.05(case-to-case). Thus, we already get $0.105 per day.

$0.105 per day * 1 year (365 days)  = $38.325
$38.325 - $17                                  = $21.325 (net income)***

Therefore, based on the calculation, you could earn a net income of $21.325 in a year. Is it too small right?
*** I assumed it that it has NO referral or downlines. If you already have downlines, this figure might not have exactly correct. Besides, more reference means more earnings.

Task, Referral, ClixGrid, and Offer

That $21.325 could even be more increased by tasks, referrals, ClixGrid game, and Offers. For the exciting part, you don't click ads alone. You can do tasks, share your referral links(in which other Facebook users tend to do), play ClixGrid, and answer offers.

Task earnings depend on the availability to your account, advertiser, and country. Here, I have my tasks too(as of October 12, 2013).
Tasks on ClixSense
Tasks on ClixSense

ClixGrid game
ClixGrid game is one way to earn, but it is to win money. For a premium user, it has a higher chance to win up to $10.

Here are the lists of winners:
Recent Winners on ClixGrid
Recent Winners on ClixGrid

Depends on the location(region-based), I was once had an offer that worth $0.1 per offer. With that offer, I will be answering the survey. Right now, I don't have offers in my account. Maybe with some other countries.

  • Please be informed that upgrading to a premium account will not get more offers, ads, and tasks.
Tip: If you have this persuading ability and could refer some people, this is a right way to upgrade.

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