22 October 2013

Why Earn4Referral Is a Fake, Scam, & Fraud

Its time to lay down some information why Earn4Referral is such a waste of time. For quick analysis, don't ever join with site even if it is FREE and has an enticing-ice-coating display of data.

Why Earn4Referral Is a Fake, Scam, & Fraud. Find out more here.

Earn4Referral is a 100% FREE and 100% FAKE. Yes, it promises you to earn with just referring to others. Is it worth your time? 

Here, I will give you reasons why you need not to join Earn4Referral.

Reasons Why Earn4Referral is Fake, and Scam

    • No assurance of payment
    • Registration is simple but less secure
    • No actual testimonial shown
    • Contact us seems not working
    • Fake Statistics displays in the site
    • Payment Option lacks information
    • No captcha, authentication link, confirmation, no secure browsing
    • Boring task: referring link
    • Sponsors are FAKE
    • Testimonial from Lauren Murray and Joshia Frauhmin is a JOKE
    • May exploit/sell your data.
    • Spam your email
    • No discussion
    • No blog updates
I hope you find it more convincing that it is really a fake one. For recommendation, why not try these websites:
    • Elance.com
    • Odesk.com
    • Monster.com
Thank you! :)

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