05 October 2013

The Real Voice of SIRI - Reveals Herself

Ever wondered who was the ground-breaking voice of Apple's assistant SIRI? The voice behind the Apple's Voice Virtual Assistant technology, SIRI, has nothing linked nor created by a single computer. But actually a woman from Atlanta where the original voice built.

ME: Hello SIRI, can I ask you?
SIRI: Sure why not.

ME: Who was actually the original voice you have?
SIRI: Sorry, It is a secret and confidential

Like, I wish I had one Apple device to ask SIRI if where do I find my other half? :D
The real voice of SIRI technology was Susan Bennett but Apple still wont confirmed about it. However, CNN in their post, it was really her. In addition,  she(Susan Bennett)actually claimed and revealed herself as the voice of SIRI.

Susan Bennett - The original voice of SIRI
Susan Bennett - The original voice of SIRI
Susan Bennett definitely the voice of SIRI

According to the CNN news report, it was Susan Bennett who says herself  that she was the voice behind the Apple's voice-activated virtual assistant technology. Added by voice professionals, she was legally behind the voice. Expert says "100%" to be certain that SIRI and SUSAN were the same.

Background and Profile of Susan Bennett

Susan Bennett who lived in Atlanta was an American voice-artist. In 1970s she recorded "Tillie the All-Time Teller" which dubbed as the first ATM machine.

It also noted that her voice could be found in some system voice like terminals, commercials, ATMs, phone systems, and GPS navigation system.

When she first discovered her voice with SIRI, she honestly said that it was little creepy.

SIRI, on the other hand, has a great second birthday anniversary. It was first introduced with iPhone 4S on October 4, 2011  and millions of users worldwide used this voice-activated assistant.


  • The name SIRI came from the NORWEGIAN which means "Beautiful Woman Who Leads You To Victory"
  • SIRI was the named of the original developer's first child.
  • SIRI was originally from Siri, Inc. but in April 28, 2010, Apple acquired it.
  • "Tillie the All-Time Teller" first ATM machine, recorded by Susan Bennett.

Sources: CNN, Wikipedia

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