25 October 2013

StartMonthlyJob: Real or Fake?

Looking for a great job which earn bigger monthly? Heck, this website is not highly suggested because in the long run – you will suffer from frustration.

Working online has many advantages. One reason to realize that when working a job online, you have all the time(based on my friends who happen to work online) however there is a slight problem. You will work from early morning (like 1am).

Does it worth to exert effort in sharing stuffs from StartMonthlyJob.com?

For the first time, I did see many sites, with the same design and flow, circulated in Facebook in just a day. From here, I am not excited for it rather from reviewing about it.

StartMonthlyJob: Real or Fake?

  • We guarantee you that you will earn 1500$ in your first week by simple task of 5 - 10 minutes
  • 25$ Signup Bonus !
  • StartMonthlyJob is a new innovating job site
  • Pays great amount of money

None of the above mentioned reasons were TRUE. It is a fraud. StartMonthlyJob actually harvesting email address and traffic. Of course, they will earn out of it.

Alternative websites offer Legitimate and real money earning
Reasons Why StartMonthlyJob is Fake, Scam, and Fraud [Review]
  • No actual payment details
  • No actual proof for cashouts
  • Statistics displayed is imaginary(fake!)
  • Registration sucks. Poor information
  • No security level system installed
  • No discussion
  • Poor design
  • Names cited in the recent payments is fake.
  • Contact us is fake.
  • Owner of the website is hidden
  • Poor payment options
With the technology all over the place, working online is one of those benefits. However, not all websites promise to give you earning money capability. Most of those websites that happen to be circulated in Facebook were so SCAM.

Thank you :)

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