01 October 2013

Behold! Start Button Is Back in Action with Windows 8.1 Preview

At least, it's a great news! I really wonder if we have the same dilemma in dealing with no Start Button. If you are one of the pledge users of previous version like Windows XP, Vista, and 7, I am pretty sure you had an annoying experiences. However, its a relief when Microsoft announced its new Windows 8.1 Preview together with its new and improved Start Button. 

Do you feel the heat of excitement?

If you are into with the previous version, you will surely have a bad time.
Windows 8.1 Interface. Photo Credits to Microsoft
Windows 8.1 Preview will be available on October 18, 2013 yet users could try about this preview version from Microsoft's website.

With this new version, it has a great new enhancement on desktop. One of the improvements is the new Start Button (which ideally be on the Windows 8 in the first place).

Oh yeah, I admit, I don't have my own Windows 8 device but I tried it in the office. Working for the first time has a large difference. It made me annoyed too. To think that I am proudly Windows 7 user and I am convinced about it however with the technology changes and so, I must abide and flow about the changes.

Start Button is very useful for those workers because it has easy transition to the Start Screen and the Desktop.

One of the highlights about the Start Button is its CUSTOMIZABLE feature. It means it provides complete list of installed apps and can be reordered by category (date, name, apps).

Quick Windows 8.1 Preview: Key Features
  • Single Search -  it will display clean and graphic view results both in PC, apps, and Web.
  • New Look on Windows Store - it has been improved and made it to easier to discover apps.
  • Lock Screen Slideshow - shows up a slide show on lock screen by arranging or picking favorite pictures.
  • SkyDrive - is the default location on saving files. 
  • Internet Explorer 11 Preview - faster, comfortable browsing experience

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