21 October 2013

[Review] Job4referral.com: Fake or Real ?

This site posted enticing information just to lure users. In addition, it could be cumbersome to note how this website runs pretty well. I would have guessed this is because of the participation of the members.

In my journey to review against scam websites, I firmly believe that the owners of those websites were all the same. Also, I have the feeling that they were bored from their everyday routine and they managed to create one heck fake websites to earn.

With this website, I found it somewhere in my past reviews. That is, I am so proud I have given this a chance to provide information among my readers.

However, it sad to note that some people would really against unto me. I guess it is really true that I could not pleased all people.

Is Job4referral.com: Fake or Real ? 

Jobs4Referral logo
Jobs4Referral logo
      • [ Signup bonus on joining = 10$ ]
      • [ Pay per referral link visit = 5$ ]
      • [ minimum payout balance = 500$]
Brief answer: Yes, its fake and scam.

Job4Referral is an other [scam] website-advertising media that provide easy money scheme, and earning system by sharing referral links to your friends, family, and others people.

Referring could be achieved through sharing in websites,blogs, forums, social media, facebook wall, facebook pages, groups, twitter, chat rooms and other online media. [So annoying]

How to Start Earning with Job4Referral?

- Signup free and get your referral link
- Share with your friends and earn 5$ per referral link visit. [annoying]
- Get payment at end of month (minimum of 500$) through PayPal, Cheque, bank transfer, Money Gram & Western Union.
- Just share the referral link and you will get earning when other users will open your link.

Top Reasons Why Job4Referral is a Joke, Scam, Fake, and Fraud
  • No discussion installed
  • No Blog Updates
  • No security features
  • Registration is way to simple and lack fields of information
  • Payment Options cannot be seen nor be edited
  • Job is simply referring link and it is sucks.
  • Stats is annoying and fake. Total members: 977,200 Total Earn: $2, 23,800 Total Paid: $2, 03,290
  • Contact information does not even exists. It is also not active.
  • Recent payout is so-fake. Richerd_bit (670$) - Katheric33 (800$) - Aslam_lahore (1500$) - Referking (340$) - Liveforother (300$) - Yourfriend2013 (980$) - Jimmysouth (1712$) - Williamicy (2300$)
  • Website hides ownership information
Final Thought

In addition, one good reason not to join is probably they will sell your information to other entities such Fullname and email address. Since they got your email addresses, expect for the spam content.

Now, if you happen to join and want to delete instead. Bad news! You could not delete your account. The only way to skip from this scam website is to ignore them.

Filter email address to block their websites. Don't click on the links they provided too.

Thank you :)

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