21 October 2013

Pay4visits: Is It Real or Fake?

Would you like to earn at least $50-$100 USD daily? Of course, whoever those people don't want to earn such figures? Sorry to burst your bubble but this kind of scheme is not really true in the long run.

What you actually see is only the ice-coating however the cake itself is not that sweet though rather it is more bitter.

You are here because you want answers right? Find out more here.

Earning money nowadays becomes hype. With so much technology to use especially social media sites, more and more companies giving a great opportunity among its members. Expect to earn on what it is promise, worst comes out.

It is actually a fake and you wasted your time dealing and working with it. Thus, in order to minimize from being faked and scammed, you will need to bother research about the company.

In unrelated topic, someone had actually told me on why I am dealing a fake sites from my review. My answer is: "why did you ask me if it is scam or fake. I gave you the answers and you believed. Still doubting?"

What is Pay4Visits.com

Pay4Visits.com claims to offer unique earning benefits to its members. With easy tasks, you could really earn much money. A 10$ worth money could entice you a bit. Right?

Pay4Visits logo
Pay4Visits logo
This website also claims to give signup bonus of $25 and per task of $10. However, all these potential earnings is doubting – should I say – its a fake.

Claims: Signup bonus of $25, earn $10 per task

Answer: It is fake, scam, and fraud.

Brief Analysis

Pay4visits is a simple, high, innovative(not-the-first-time-to-deal-with-it), and quick-earn-money that has been circulating online. But the website itself is un-professionally designed with a purpose to fake only.

If you are my one of those readers or happens to read my other reviews. I am pretty sure, you will see a similar look design and system flow among these websites.

One of similar websites I did reviewed is Cash4visits. Noticed the name?

The question: Pay4visits: Is It Real or Fake? As of my study is concerned, it is, without a doubt, a FAKE one.

You may like to join legitimate sites:

Note: I don't guarantee for you to earn money. And there are many factors to consider before earning millions with these legit websites.

Hardwork and patience are the keys to success.

Reasons why Pay4Visits.com [quick]

  1. It is not new, I have reviewed also http://getpaid4visits.com/
  2. Does not support secure browsing or HTTPS
  3. No actual anti-spam or robot security implementation
  4. Registration is very simple. It lacks information to input
  5. Owner of the site hides his/her identity to WhoisGuard
  6. Although it is created last 15 May 2013 17:54:00. Became Viral flood on my Facebook groups.
  7. Testimonial from Lauren Murray is Fake
  8. Inspirational Message from Joshia Frauhmin is the head of deployment at breadcrumb by Session electronics Philippines is not real.
  9. Use of Bank payment options is weak. It is dangerous to put account information there.
  10. Fake Statistics: Total Paid: $456,469 USD Total Members: 137928 Online: 143 - how can a website actually paid such amount?
  11. Support team does not exists
  12. Sponsors are not real.
With these 12 reasons, I hope you have a firm decision not to join about this website. However, if you wish to continue and follow your instinct, go and risk your time and effort.

I am not persuading you to believe. It is best to follow advice with some other people too.

You visit the actual site - pay4visits.com

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