22 October 2013

MyStandardJob: Quick Review - Is it Real or Scam ?

Earning Online scam, a modus operandi has been hyped for quite some time. With this new website, expect it to become viral in following days.

As much as you would think it's a great chance to earn money online. Chances are, you actually being fooled by this website.

If you ever found MyStandardJob in your newsfeed, I guess it is better to tell it is not real. Find out more here.

As with my preview posts, this website might be a sister-owned website run by certain person who only give fake earning opportunities among members.

You can check similar website design and flow:

Reasons Why You Need Not To Join MyStandardJob
As its name implies, the standard job you will be working with is actually just to annoy people and to waste time and effort.

MyStandardJob is yet another scam site that promises to give $50-$100 USD daily, signup bonus of $25, and $10.
However, with this kind of information display, more and more people fall into its trap. And sadly, they work for it.

For this, I made a post to stop those people and to minimize members working with this scam website.

Here are some information why you really not to join:

1. Contact Us seems not responding within 2-3 hrs. And is actually does not even exists.

 2. Joshia Frauhmin is the head of deployment at breadcrumb by Session electronics Philippines.

“Not only getpaid4visits.com enables me to earn money, but also a great part time source for me to earn ten time greater than my ordinary job, i am working hard and referring my all friends from social sites face book, twitter, Google Plus. It make my work more easier and efficient. Now i am making blog posts and spreading the getpaid4visits work all over the internet to make my income more and more higher! it touches the Sky!”

 But as of this writing, it seems that they redirected to its new site. getpaid4visits.com to MyStandardJob?

3. Lauren Murray Marketing Manager - simple, fast, & easy! I got all the answers I was looking for.

A quick Google search finds somewhat similar names taken from Linkedin. See below.
 With this fact alone, how could a certain websites use other personalities just to lure members?

4. Payment Options - Standard Bank of Canada and Western Union. Noticed the logo of Bank of Canada? It is actually a screenshot cheque.

5. Fake Sponsors - BMW, TELUS, SIEMENS, SOUTHWEST.COM, and COCA-COLA are companies used by this website to entice users.

6. Sign-up - Simple and less secure. It is also lacks information fields to input by a mere member. No captcha, address, payment details, and other pertinent data.
 7. Statistics is FAKE!   how can a new website reached the following figures?
8. No Forum - Actually, with all my review with scam websites, I stressed out the importance on having or installing this must-have feature - Forum.

Just like with all legal and real sites, it turns out that their websites have a FORUM implementation.

Alternatives Legit sites:

With the above-mentioned reasons, I do believe and suggest not to join or engage with this site. This website is totally ridiculous and joke.

To work legit, you need to register online job such as elance.com, odesk.com, and monster.com

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