03 October 2013

MyPhone Agua RAIN 3G: Most Affordable Android Smartphone

For those who want to have a very cheap android smartphone from MyPhone, you should better try MyPhone Agua series: RAIN 3G.

According to MyPhone's Facebook Fanpage post, it has been introduced to be the most affordable you buy with Android Smartphone for only P2, 988.00.

Does it worth your money?

MyPhone unveils great opportunity to users who want to have affordable smartphone. It introduces the MyPhone RAIN 3G: The most affordable android smartphone from MyPhone for only P2,988!

MyPhone Agua RAIN 3G Specification

  • OS
Powered by the not-so latest OS – Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2. The lastest OS has its cool features too. As of this writing, Android Jelly Bean has a newest OS of 4.3 [Source]
  • Processor
It has a speed of 1.0GHz Dual Core processor. (if you are hooked up with the higher speed, say 2.6-3Ghz. You will not appreciate this 1GHz speed. But for some quite reasonable, smartphone, for now, does not need higher speed.. this is quite OKAY)
  • RAM Memory
It has built-in 512MB only. If you are a heavy user and do install heavy apps. This is not enough. In my experiences, a 1GB in my smartphone(Samsung Pocket) and in my Tablet(Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt | Hands On Review with Fusion Bolt )
  • Display
It has 3.5inch capacitive Touchscreen. This size of display is reasonably handy.
  • Camera
Equipped with 3.2MP rear Camera and 1.3 Front Camera(selfie!) 
  • Storage
    • 4GB Internal Memory
    • Expandable up to 32GB - microSD
Again, if you have many photos or movies, 4GB is not really enough tough. As of with me, 1TB is not really enough for my movies. ;)
  • Connectivity
It supports 3G, Wi-Fi capability, GSM Tri-ban
  • Sensors
    • Motion sensors
    • TARA - Anti Theft Technology, Theft Apprehension and Asset Recovery [ More Info ]
  • Price
Suggested Retail Price: P2, 988.00*

*depends on the store

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