13 October 2013

Miley Cyrus Video Scandal: Hoax

Honestly, this is totally alarming and disturbing. You could see it in some social media sites especially Facebook. Worst, it has been shared by your own friends in their Facebook wall. What does it really do? Basically, it floods on some Facebook fanpages in which administrators or moderators have a hard time dealing with the alarming message of a famous celebrity Miley Cyrus allegedly had a sex scandal and have caught in a tape.

Is it real? Or fake?
As I browsed on some Facebook messages, I was shocked on the message I had read. No, I did not mean about the scandal but what strikes me is the flooding of a same message with different users. So I began to check , analyze, and verify about the message.

But at first point of view, I am pretty sure it is a fake because of the app link. Why?

Miley Cyrus Video Scandal: Hoax
Fake: Miley Cyrus Video Scandal: Hoax
Claim: Miley Cyrus allegedly had a sex scandal and caught on a tape. User shared it unknowingly with a message of they already finished watch of the said video.
Brief Analysis: Its fake and totally annoying.

Actual messages:

  • OMG I cant believe what she just did, i lost all respect for here, Unbelievable! Miley Cyrus Sex Scandal. Totally a different Miley. >> https://apps.facebook.com/nmncswr/
  • Just finished watching Miley Cyrus Video Scandal.! Can not believe she did that, i think this is the reason behind her unexpected change of personality. Click the link to watch her video: https://apps.facebook.com/jffhjakfhuyupoih/

Messages Miley Cyrus
Messages Miley Cyrus
Note the app link, it has random strings added on the last url. It merely means a fake and spam.

Reasons Why it is Fake

  • It uses random string of characters at the end of each link [https://apps.facebook.com/jffhjakfhuyupoih/]
  • The big news bureau in local and international did not announce it
  • It uses fake Hollywood Exclusives app
What does this app exactly do?

Since it can access all basic information and can post without prior permission[thats what exactly did in some Facebook pages and wall].

Facebook is not actually 100% secured and safe. It is up to the user to help not to share fake or dangerous websites in their wall. Educating and sharing information is the key.

Danger: It could cause exposure on basic information.

The good news is that upon clicking Allow button in that Hollywood app, it displays error while loading in which uses Yahoo News app.
I guessed it already executed on part of the app, since it has the access of that user, it will start posting comments about Miley Cyrus.

Why Miley Cyrus?

We all know the fame recently Miley Cyrus had. She become one of the celebrities that goes on hype especially on Social media. The culprit uses this information to trick the users thinking it actually had a scandal.


Even if it has a striking message, don't try click the random-stringed app and don't believe at first sight. Try to examine or to analyze the message or link.

Scandal has already been used to capture the eagerness of the users. This is one social engineering tactics that uses the weakness of the users.

However, with the knowledge learn and gather. This flooding and striking post will not be circulated in social media sites.

In short: Miley Cyrus Video Scandal is just fake and hoax.

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