24 October 2013

Is MyPaidJob Real or Scam? [Review]

I have seen this over my Facebook newsfeed and it feels like: Oh come on, not again. Based on my observation, it became rampant all over social media that let the users play with it and not-surprisingly used members for their own benefits.

Again, this kind of website is really annoying. Thus, Is MyPaidJob Real or Scam? Find out more. Why you need to ignore this website.

Earning money is very in-demand these days. With more websites offered a kind opportunity to job seekers or online earners. We can't argue that behind with these legitimates websites, lies the so-called scam websites.

These scam websites giving a great attraction to the prospective user, they put enticing information to lure visitors to join the site. And the annoying work will follow.

Again, Earning Money online is not as easy as ABC. Come to think of it, is it right for a start-up website to offer $10 per task and $25 join bonus?

Normally, a legitimate and real websites that give opportunity to earn online is not really that high revenue(at least in first stage however if you are keen and very patient with it, I am pretty sure you will be success in this kind of work).

Talking about MyPaidJob, it simply yet another fake website that offers $25 bonus of registration and $10 per task done.

Does it attracts you? Perhaps yes.

Quick Reasons Why MyPaidJob is Not Real and Scam

  • MyPaidJob is simple a copy-cat with other websites I reviewed. My Review Sites.
  • It has simple and lack information on Registration
  • No assurance on payment and security
  • Lauren Murray and Joshia Frauhmin is fake
  • Sponsors are FAKE that displayed on the site
  • No captcha or any Anti-Bot Spammer
  • No actual evidences for the cashout
  • Statistics does not update: Total Paid: $456,469 USD      Total Members:  137928         Online: 143
  • Payment options lack of choices and information
  • MyPaidJob has one referring job only.
  • No Forum installed
  • No Blog updates
With regards with other legitimate websites, it is on contrary with these above mentioned reasons.

Ideally, real and legitimate websites has the following factors:
  • Security measures implementation(captcha, link, cookies, spam-detector, secure browsing)
  • Registration has all complete fields
  • Flexible Payment Options
  • Forum or discussion is mostly seen
  • Blog updates often announced.
  • Testimonials be found  on forum
Thank u :)

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