27 October 2013

Is MyInstantJOB.com Safe? [Review]

Do you look for an unlimited and instant job position? Well, Everyone is Welcome! However, you might be excited the news but in the later part – I am pretty sure, you will get frustrated.

I believe there's no instant job. It is actually exerted with effort and unique ways to earn a job. Unless you are big part of organization in society and have a lots of connections. There, there is an actual instant work.

On the other hand, if you are planning to work online to earn money. Just see to it that it is not a scam. In related to this, MyInstantJob.com launched with the promises.

For simplicity, MyInstantJob.com is one heck scammer website. Why? Learn more here.

If you seen this website with your friends, are you excited to join? I suggest not to. And with a second thought, you should not.

Again, I am not forcing you not to register rather I am giving you not to join.

Why I said MyInstantJob is a Scam?

First of all, I learn it from my email address. And that source has been known for phishing and scamming. Likewise, if someone gets a chance to work with it. I highly advised to stop the operation. Why?

  • MyInstantJob only promises to give a job but not has no valid support evidences
  • It claims to give signup bonus of $25 but the question is: Are they willing to pay you? I doubt
  • Registration system has a poor design and input fields
  • Recent Payments seems to be manipulated
  • Statistics were fake. Yeah Obvious!
  • Less payment options and there is no assurance for it.
  • It is not innovative website because it simply adds another similarities to some scam website.
  • No actual forum to discuss ideas and legalities
  • Security is so poor. No system added to it.
MyInstantJob simply wants an users to view its website to increase revenue with their ads displayed. The problem here is they will continue to use your email address or other information to spam you or to sell your credentials. This is highly dangerous that may exposed your sensitive information to other parties.

Solution: Don't register and engage with this website. However, if you are already joined the hype, you can stop the sharing of links and ignore it instead.

Instant Job can be attained through proper work and effort. It will also be worked with hard work and persistence.

Thank you for reading my post. :)

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