06 October 2013

Is MyIncomeCard Real or Scam? [Review]

Every time I will see a referral link shared and posted with my group or Facebook friends. I immediately click and visit that link but hey I am not excited to earn with those links. Actually, I did it on purpose to see what exactly my friends were doing.

The sad part is that they always been faked and scammed with these so-called websites which promise to deal or offer large amount of money.

In my reviews, I really stressed out that Earning Money, now, is very common. However, due to the hype and mainstream about earning money online. There are lots of websites too created in daily or monthly basis.

Now, it turns out that I must and need to write up with this website – MyIncomeCard. And you might ask or search about its legalities.

Is MyIncomeCard fake scam or real? 
My answer is YES. It is fake! For this purpose, I will cite all evidence that will prove it is not real.
MyIncomeCard logo
MyIncomeCard logo
For now, let us review about this site.

What is MyIncomeCard and What it really does?

Honestly, upon seeing its design. I immediately tagged this as a SCAM. No further explaination. But here, I will give evidences and cite more reasons on why it is fake, scam, and fraud. Let us slice and dissect individually.

MyIncomeCard.Com [claims to be]:
  • a new innovating job site (which is not really true, I have seen more than 20 similar with these. Therefore, MyIncomeCard.com is not innovative job site)
  • where you will be hired to do some task(on the first task, you need to refer others with own referral link. I have my sample link here: It says http://MyIncomeCard.com/?id=mabzicle. In which and surely makes my friends be annoyed when shared)
  •  different in type and number. (in actual, you will refer and answer surveys)
  • and you will be paid a estimated reward for that instant in your account, after it the job poster will review the service and approve the status for your payout, then you will be paid for your work via the payment methods available.
MyIncomeCard.com is totally FREE. If it will have a payment in registration, then it has a different story.

20$ Welcome Bonus
10$ Minimum Per task
10 Payout Methods
Guaranteed Income

Who else could be blinded with the 20$ sign up bonus? But if you are that skeptical, you will ask yourself: How did they get the capital? How will they pay to members? This is indeed a tough question.

CLAIMS: Daily Different Tasks
  • Easy-to-Do tasks, accessible from your account. 
  • Newsletters Update
  • Weekly newsletters and updates regarding your Activity.
Live Earning Stats
  • Easy-to-Watch Earning Live Stats, Check your Earning Anytime. 
Live Affiliate Stats
  • Live earning stats for your affiliate income and tasks income.
98563 Active Members
$8719865.91 Work Done
$8712759.08 Approved
$8712759.08 Paid

© Copyright 2013 - 2015 - All Right Reserved | MyIncomeCard.Com

Do they really send cash monthy? No one does!

How to earn with MyIncomeCard?

Pretty simple
  1. Register. Its Free
  2. Start to annoy and post referral links on Facebook Walls, Facebook Groups, Friends Chat, Blogs, Articles And More.
  3. Be frustrated and scammed. :)
Minimum of 100$ will surely get your payout cash.

Reasons Why MyIncomeCard is Totally Fake, Scam, and Fraud

Sorry to burst your bubble, but here, I totally made a honest review. MyIncomeCard is totally sicked with scam.

Whoever tells me it is genuine and real is completely sicked also.

1. Kid Logo
MyIncomeCard logo
MyIncomeCard logo
Is it professionally made? Or a certain kindergarten made that logo? The thing is, it is pixelated and lacks of branding. A certain business surely wants to make a brand logo neat, simple, evergreen, and professionally-look.

MyIncomeCard does not meet the expectation with its own logo.

2. Registration System
Although, it made me slightly like the new look of its registration. But still lacks on fields. The payout method has it, but once chosen, it will not prompt you proper fields of information. 
    • Lacks of confirmed password and email address, no actual information for credit card and other payout method.
The checkbox is quite baffled me. What it really means? For what purpose? 

Truly, it lacks security features too. It will browse and surf normally. In commercial sites, it is very common and a must-to-install the secure browsing(https). Https may be found on Facebook, Emails, and other commercial sites.
    • No captcha(anti-spam)
    • No Confirmation Link
    • Does not support secure browsing(https)
MyIncomeCard most likely exposed to danger.

3. Verified 100% logo is fake
It could find in other websites and forums. The major scam website that uses the same logo is Megastoon.

4. One Task only

As it claims to be, it has only one task, and it is annoying too. Referring link to others. (such a bothersome)
Here, I got $20 for signing up and if I refer someone, it would have been given me a $10 per signup.
Is it worth to take time for it? My answer is no. It will just waste your precious time.

5. Contact them

Contact Us:
Feel free to contact us anytime.
From Monday to Friday. ( 9:00 GMT to 18 GMT)
Our Support Manager will be available to help you out.

Email: [email protected]

It says support manager? Wow, such a big time huh? Anyway, it does not still answer me given the email support.

However, it is inconsistent with the schedule.

6. Misleading Information

Before sending the payment request, please double check your account details, i.e. your PAYEE NAME, ADDRESS and Payment Method.
Once you submit your request, details will not be change at any cost.
In the registration, it has no full data especially on payment method. When I set to paypal, it does not even change to simply just add Paypal Email Address.

98563 Active Members
$8719865.91 Work Done
$8712759.08 Approved
$8712759.08 Paid
20$ Signup Bonus  |   10$ Per Task  |   1832 Online   |   8712759.08 USD Paid  

Member statistics is so-fake. How could a newly website got such figure with a little time?  The money in the figure a total of $8million is so fake. Where did they get that money? Even Facebook first to launch its site did not earn that well. Its fake!

7. Whois

Whois a website is quite useful too. Here, you will know what year did it start or how long they have been working on.

Here, MyIncomeCard whois:

WhoisGuard, Inc.
WhoisGuard Protected ([email protected])
Fax: +51.17057182
P.O. Box 0823-03411
Panama, Panama NA
Status: Locked
Name Servers:
Creation date: 24 Sep 2013 04:49:00
Expiration date: 24 Sep 2014 04:49:00

It was created on September 24, 2013. It is really new. The contacts here are well-protected by WhoisGuard Inc. In which a commercial need not to hide its personal details or contacts.

MyIncomeCard has a sole purpose to hide its contact details so that they could even scam the members. But hey, not me! :)

I really want to know who runs this website but failed me to provide. -_-

8. Payment Options has no real data

I noticed about DDOS protected CISCO logo but I am pretty sure it is not implemented. DDOS along with security must also be with it in Registration first.

9. No Forum Discussion
MyIncomeCard.com has no ever-useful feature: FORUM. Unlike Clixsense, a real and legal earning money capability, it has a so-called forum.

More Information: How to Earn ClixSense 
Quick Registration: Register with ClixSense

Forum is very important feature. Why? Because members could easily share what they exactly experience especially on cashout. Anyone could post about the actual payout cash.

This website has indeed no FORUM installed.

Final Words

Is MyIncomeCard Real or Scam? Yes. With the reasons I just provided, it is surely to be a scam one. Moreover, these factors could help you identify in near future if some websites will pops up and promise to income great amount of money.

In order to help your friends, you can share this link to them.


Spread the truth not the fake and scam referral link.

Thank you for reading. Comments, suggestions, and violent reactions kindly comment below. ;)

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