21 October 2013

Is getpaid4visits.com Real or Fake? [Review]

With a high income profit displays does not really mean it is true. Earning quite bigger amount, say $100 a day, does not also guarantee to be genuine.

If you are skeptic one, surely, you will not fall with this trap. I do believe being skeptical sometimes has all the benefits.

SO, Is getpaid4visits.com Real or Fake? Find out more here.

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What is your first impression about this website? Enticed or doubted? Along the way, there are still many people fall down on its trap primarily because they were so-blinded with the earning it offers to them. In which you should not need to do.

Earning Money is not easy as this website might tell you. Earning money online honestly exerts more effort to earn bigger money.

Getpaid4visits actually has its siblings or descendants. The following websites I reviewed actually have the same design but different logo though.

  1. YourMonthlyPay Review
  2. Recently, Pay4Visits Review
If you want to see some quite good reasons not to engage, you could easily visit it. However, if you are confused then you may want to see the following information which I shared the most important details.

What is Getpaid4visits?
Getpaid4visits is yet another website that offers great opportunity to its members. For a members invited successfully, could earn $25 for the signup bonus and $10 per task.

The task is quite annoying one. You will share only referral links to your friends and somehow it flooded your news feed.

How to Earn with Getpaid4visits?
Earning with Getpaid4visits seems to be easy. You only do invite friends to join and earn as well. However, with this kind of task, it actually does not guarantee to pay you.

They simply display higher amount of money to lure you to register. But along the work journey, you will feel bad about it. [Trust me]
  • Register
  • Share referral link
  • Earn big Money
  • [fake]
Primary Reasons Why Getpaid4visits is a FAKE, SCAM, and FRAUD
  • It has similar website design and business workflow system but with a slight difference with logo and arrangements. Somehow, they manage to change URL sites to another but with the same flow[sux]
  • There is no actual information for payment
  • No security measures installed: Anti-bot, authentication, http secure, captcha, and other security.
  • Registration is simple and funny.
  • Contact support does not exists: Send us email at [email protected]
  • One task and it is boring and annoying[sharing referral link]
  • Ridiculous FAQS: They implement anti-cheat. In which I said too, well said cheater ;)
  • Suspicious statistics and it is static: You will see it now and tomorrow you will see it with the same value. Total Paid: $456,469 USD Total Members: 137928 Online: 143
  • Testimonial names are fictional characters or at least being used up with these owners.
  • Bigger sponsored companies were being used also. Its fake. Such big companies never engage with this kind of business with offers only referring task though.
  • Payment options are such a joke. Why would they posted scanned image name?
  • No exact evidences to those who already earned money
  • No FORUM discussion. It is quite important and must-have feature in every websites especially giving money.
  • Website domain protected by WhoisGuard. Hence, you will be able to know who the heck are the owners with that site.
Alternative websites offer Legitimate and real money earning
Final Notes

If you saw and read it somewhere in your news feed, kindly say it is fake and stop working with the site. They just  using their members to earn money out of them. The worst part is that they can actually sell your information from other websites.

Giving sensitive information could lead to dangerous situation. If I were you, I will not join this Getpaid4visits.

Its fake, scam, not genuine, and fraud service.

You can share this link to your families, relatives, and friends.


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