01 October 2013

Google Unveils Beta Google Web Designer for HTML5 Ads Campaigns

Google has recently launched its new and beta called Google Web Designer. Is Google Web Designer be useful enough especially for those advertisers? In a research study conducted by the company, they found out that advertisers needed to increase its design for mobile campaigns at least 41% over a year.

Since advertisers don't have any tools for the compatibility of screen devices. This Google Web Designer shall be the answer tool for the advertisers' issues.
What exactly is Google Web Designer?

Google Web Designer is a beta and new professional-quality design tool to create HTML5 ad creatives be accessible to any screen devices(includes mobile, and tablets) primarily used for advertisers.

Google Web Designer
Google Web Designer
With Google Web Designer, you can do the following:
  • Make animated HTML5 creative
  • Can View or edit code behind your designs( if you are familiar with some code-editing software like Adobe Dreamweaver, then probably you could use it more conveniently.)
  • Build ad creatives for DoubleClick and AdMob
  • Access Everywhere
  • Entirely, its FREE
  • Receive updated version automatically.
Google Web Designer quick features
  • Quick Mode and Advanced mode, animate individual elements on each layers
  • Support, create, make, and manipulate 3D(power of CSS3)
  • Rotate 2D objects
  • Design and Code View
  • Illustration tool (a.k.a pen tool)
  • Simple Workflow
Download and install:  https://www.google.com/webdesigner/

Google Web Designer: GUI
I guess you are familiar with the interface, am I right? The color theme with this interface has (for me) similarities with the Adobe Creative Suite (CS) 6. 

I noticed  few tools and arrangement too here:
  • Tools at the left side
  • Color and other attributes on the right side
  • Few menu, and few settings
Google Web Designer has also a design view, code view, and browser view similar with the known web-making WYSIWG editor, Adobe Dreamweaver.

I also noticed that it has lack some kind of useful tools here. But I do understand it is BETA. Perhaps, in near future, with the hardwork of developers, they could enhance and improve this designer-editor.

Design View
Upon seeing its code, I got nose-bleed. :D
Code View
My sample output: It looks so boring and amateur. I guess, I still have a proper good time on implementing and studying web designing (laugh).

Images Screenshot Google Web Designer

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