31 October 2013

Halloween Witch Interactive Google Doodle

Despite of some websites and one of my posts claim that Halloween is the feast of satan. Apparently, Google wants users to have FUN and to enjoy with its interactive Halloween witch spooking out.

Google Doodle Interactive Halloween Witch
Google Doodle Interactive Halloween Witch

Google had a Google Doodle Interactive Halloween: Witch, Thursday, October 31, 2013.
For the celebration of Halloween, Google doodle features an interaction of witch: At first, she flipped pages of book about witchcraft.

After that, she brewed a potion and a four(4) interactive buttons includes bone, skull, glass bottle, and an apple.

Any two ingredients to combine could resulted to different in appearance.

History: Halloween 

Halloween also known All Hallows Eve is being celebrated in some countries on October 31. Historically, it had been influenced by All Saints' Day marked as November 1.

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