07 October 2013

Earn Money With Shorten URLs: My 4th Cashout

When I opened my email to view some messages, I saw one message that made my day. Though, its not that really that big amount. Still, I am very happy to know that with a simple shortening of URLs, I was able to earn money out from it.

Whoever thought it will give you money from shortening URLs with Adf.ly? 

Actually, this is my 4th payout with Adf.ly. Honestly, I expected it less. Now, I am very glad because I just simply made short with the LINKS and share with it in my post then I earned money.

See screenshot below:
My Email Message

Transaction Details
How to Earn Money With Shorten URLs

    • First you need to register. Register it here
    • Once registered, you can add links to make it short
      • Add Custom Name to make it more lively and engaging
    • Then click Shrink button
    • Click Copy and use it anywhere in the forum
  • Note: Adf.ly has been tagged as spam in Facebook so it is really difficult to share the link to Facebook Friends
      • Minimum Payout is $5 for Paypal and $10 for Payoneer
      • Rates are different in region (cost per view-  CPV) More info: http://adf.ly/rates

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