26 October 2013

DollarPocketMoney: Real or Fake? [Review]

Does anyone see this new site that offers dollars to earn? Probably, it will hook up to mainstream in the following days.

Sorry to tell, its a kinda another website which only gives annoyance and gathers information.

DollarPocketMoney is one heck website that gives earning dollar money out from sharing link – referral links in which it turns to be annoying. Anyway, its FREE but not highly suggested to work with. Why?

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Due to online users who were active, its a great chance for this website to offer such opportunity. How many online users all over the country? Millions? I guess its Billions. So, gathering these users will be simplified by using some tactics to lure and to join the scam sites.

What is DollarPocketMoney.com ? [Review]

DollarPocketMoney.com claims to give users a signup bonus of 25$ and 10$ per task. It is also allegedly to be easiest way to earn dollars. I doubt. 

Now for the best part, does it really give money or not? My answer is NO! It is actually a scam, fake, and fraud.

Here are some factors which link DollarPocketMoney to be a Scam and Fake!
  • Registration lacks requirement especially on payment details
  • No security system installed (captcha, anti-bot, authentication, cookies, session, http secure, confirmation)
  • No actual evidence of cash out
  • Testimonials are so-damn fake
Lauren Maurray and Joshia Frauhmin were FAKE!
  • Statistics seems to be outdated
Total Paid: $456,469 USD      Total Members:  137928         Online: 143
  • Limited Payment options or should I say It does not support all (Western Union,Bank of Canada)
  • No forum or discussion
  • Job is only referring link to other people(annoying)
  • When time to cashout, members start to answer survey
What does DollarPocketMoney do about information gathered?

In most cases, your email address and other sensitive information will be sold to another third-party websites. [this could be dangerous in nature]

Moreover, they will spam your email address with bunch of annoying links.

  • Don't engage or join with this DollarPocketMoney.com
  • Highly not suggested for you
  • It is a scam! Don't bother to join.
Thank you :)

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