22 September 2013

Visitstomoney: Is it Scam or Real? [Review]

Apparently, people sometimes deceived by the mere information – especially dealing with money matters – then tend to believe that is really true and legit.

While online opportunity grows dramatically increased, more websites often offer profitable service in which – in that information – could somehow expose user into thinking it is real. However, in the reality it was never real in the first place. It is bogus and scam.

The waste of time and effort could not get back. Once started, you actually giving these websites a profit not of yourself because you have been scammed. In short, you made them richer and richer.

Before it will happen, equip yourself with the education and learn how websites work. Here, I am showing you why Visitstomoney.com is bogus and not real.

Actually, this is not my first time to review a website. In fact, upon seeing this visitstomoney.com in which other Facebook user shared it in a group, I actually concluded it was fake and scam.
visits to money logo
visits to money logo
Now, let me ask you something: Is higher revenue attracts you? Of course, yes! But wait, no need to rush. Higher revenue merely means higher chance it is fake.

In fact, a legitimate one especially ClixSense has a small earning value. Imagine clicking ads $0.001 per ads?

You can check it here: How to Earn Money with ClixSense

What is VisitsToMoney?

VisitsToMoney is a Referral  kind of Program
VisitsToMoney advertising media is a leading online advertising company.
With VisitsToMoney.com's money making system you can easily earn money
by sharing referral links to your friends, family and other people through
websites, blogs, forums, social media, facebook wall, facebook pages, groups,
twitter, chat rooms and other media.
I have seen something like this message. hmmm

High revenue sharing
VisitsToMoney has a signup bonus of $4 (wow), and user could get $0.5 per unique visit. If you have 10 unique visits, you instantly earn $5?

The minimum payout is $40. Some legitimate websites have a $10 (Chitika), $6 (Premium user of Chitika), $50 (Infolinks), and $100 (Adsense).

How to Earn with VisitsToMoney.com
  • Simply register in the website.
  • Share your referral link to other friends(which is very annoying)
  • Get paid $40 minimum via  PayPal, Liberty Reserve, Payza, Cheque, bank transfer, Money Gram & Western Union (But I never seen it in the registration page)
Can really VisitsToMoney gives higher revenue with such job? This is very important question to address, if you are very skeptical, I am pretty sure you will not fall on this trap.

Reasons why  Visitstomoney.com is FAKE, FRAUD, and SCAM

1. Insufficient Field Information Registration Page
Here, only username, password, confirm password, and email fields you will encounter. In ideal and legit website, it has a complex and complicated fields of information.

CONCLUDE: Visitstomoney.com failure with the Registration

2. Similar Design and Flow with other scam website

While reviewing more websites which offer great deal of money, upon seeing visitstomoney, I set my mind that the visitstomoney is actually a-copy-cat to some – not totally – but has a similarities.

So far, when I searched particular scam website that more similarities, I found quite close one.

3. No security measures feature

Security is really a MUST especially dealing with money. Exposed to hackers could be frustrating. The website has no security when registering. No captcha, No confirmation link, No authentication, No Secure browsing installed. VisitsToMoney should have it.

Unless it is scam, websites do not need such feature though.

4. No forum installed

Even though if a website has no SECURE browsing(HTTPS), it can still be a legal, but extra careful I was once deceived by the admins of Bubblews( My Story: Bubblews Losses Trust )

5. Job is Referring only

This is might the easiest job you have ever seen and which promises to earn you pretty well money. Well, this is totally fake though. There is no actual guaranteed earnings. Not with this job though.

VisitsToMoney merely wants more visitors in their sites.

6. Payment Options

PayPal, Liberty Reserve, Payza, Cheque, bank transfer, Money Gram & Western Union are the options in cashing out the earnings but it has never been in the first place.VisitsToMoney fails to include such feature.

7. Recent Payout is Totally Fake

VisitsToMoney puts incorrect and fake information: CDAJ (521.5$) - JohnK42 (1208.5$) - Mariah_T (401$) - UltraDop (565.5$) - K_l_K (122.5$) - ThemekfalO (1245$) - Catelleaden (356.5$) - Brinclact59 (185.5$)

8. Website Stat is FAKE also

VisitsToMoney has completely fake Website Stats
  • Total Members: 384144
  • Total Earned: 706626$
  • Total Paid: 683696$
(Earned/Paid updated every hour)

You really believe on such statistics? Where the heck  this website invested such amount of money? Well, if it is a scam you just dont need money, just put stats. ;)


Visitstomoney.com: Is Real or Scam? Yes, it is totally a fake, fraud, scam, and joke. I hope you dont engage with this website.

Thank you.

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