21 September 2013

Tim Cook, Apple Inc. CEO, Joins Twitter: His First Post?

Wait..what? This strikes me a bit. I really did not know that Tim Cook has never own twitter account until the news I received today.

In the recent news and newsletter I received, I was bit surprised with the fact that Tim Cook has joined twitter, has one tweet and surprisingly got 162,821 (as of this post) followers.

What's his first post by the way?
Apple's CEO, Tim Cook, has recently entered the microblogging platform, Twitter. He posted first tweet last Friday with the following:

His first tweet:

"Visited Retail Stores in Palo Alto Today. Seeing so many happy customers reminds us of why do what we do" ~ Tim Cook

After joining the Twitter, it was quickly had 160k followers. So far, he followed some 11 personalities as of this post.

Twitter, should I say, is far more better with broadcasting news. I am not surprised about Tim Cook joining Twitter but rather a bit surprised when he does not own Twitter account.

His actual first post:

Images screenshot: Twitter

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