25 September 2013

Is theworkpaid.com real or scam? [Review]

The first thing that pop ups in my mind upon seeing Theworkpaid.com is it has a similar design with ThePaidTask in which I previously reviewed and tagged it as a fake and scam also.

In that fact alone, you may have a hint why theworkpaid is also a Fake website. 
Earning money quite these few months were visible but mix with scam and fake offering-websites. Is it difficult to tell? If you are new to this kind of scheme, you probably hard time to determine whether these websites.

It is not easy to pin out scam websites, it needs however intensive study, research, and analysis. As of myself, I was being scammed, at that point in time, I told myself to do research.

In one way of helping other users too, I made this solely post just to inform others not to waste their time with these websites(period).
TheWorkPaid logo
TheWorkPaid logo

If you haven't my previous reviewed website ThePaidTask(which has similar design and business flow), you could visit there too.

Now, at least for this thewordpaid.com alone, I will be citing more important points and highlights on why it is tagged as scam.

Brief Analysis: Review
Type: Scam

Introduction: What is TheWorkPaid

TheWorkPaid is a new(old) innovating(not) job(annoying) site, where you will be hired(its a joke) to do(post annoying link) some(actual) task, different(its the same) in type and number.

TheWorkPaid promises and guarantees its member to earn at least $1,500 in the first week with 5-10 minute task. Say what?

Everyone is Welcome!
Unlimited Job Positions!
Anyone can Join!
No Experience required!
Instant Account Setup and Money Making!

Lastly, We fake it.

Reasons Why TheWorkPaid is Fake and Scam

I used this my so-own factors to determine whether it is scam or not – theobvioustest system. For my point of view and experience, I come up quite similar and boring another reasons.

To wit:

1. Registration is so SIMPLE. It does not need authentication, confirmation, captcha or any security added features.

Since this website GUARANTEES to earn $1,500, then why is it so simple to sign up then?

2. Sign Up $25 bonus

I know this is quite crazy and hilarious giveaway could webmasters do with their website. Unless it is really scam.

Imagine, if they finance it with $25 each registration, where and how the heck they will do it?

3. Worst Statistics[Shocking]
  • Current Active Job holders: 148,000 Employees. 
  • Total Work completed of: 345,954,909 USD
  • Paid to members on Approval: 305,954,909 USD
Did you exactly believe it is true? Even with other known websites have the hard time to reach the figure
4. Recent Payments[Fake]
  • John Lewis 8900 USD (UK)
  • Albert Honey 1200 USD (UK)
  • Kamran Ali 9700 USD (PAK)
  • Kumar Devag 3490 USD (INDIA)
Just who the heck this imaginary people?

5. No Discussion

One of the factors to make it more legit and real is the FORUM. This is where users interact with their earnings.

theworkpaid.com has no time creating such feature. Shame.

Overall: 1/10
Reputation: 0/10
Website Design: 1/5
Domain: 0/10
Payment: 0/10
Security: 0/10

My Final words about theworkpaid.com

Just don't register and start working with this site. Sometimes, I got bashed to newbies when I made negative comment in a scam website. 

Theworkpaid simple lets users to visit the site and start earning from them. Once you are registered, they can use your information in which it is dangerous.

Thank you.

You can ask further questions, suggestions, and comments here.

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