24 September 2013

StayCash: Is it Scam or Real? [Review]

Earn greater and higher amount of money yet with a simple job in which you will poke me and ask me: You must  be kidding me?

Alright, I did not mean to give you excite and opportunity here. The one who kidding you is this website – StayCash. (But I am doubtful to its name, I rather named it as NoCash).

Does really StayCash gives money to users? Find out here:

I will be honest here: I am aggressively haunt-not-to-kill those scam websites rather with these knowledge and factors affecting its legalities in which users then to believe on what I have cited here.

Of course, I will not force my readers thinking this is not a scam website. Its their own decision but as per as suggestion which I already made quite number of reviewed websites that were scam including this website.

What is the function of StayCash.com?
Seriously, it is a fake one. Rather playing with this kind of hilarious website which offers higher re

What is StayCash
StayCash logo
StayCash logo
StayCash is simply another yet scam website in which it could give $0.5 for every unique visit with the referral link. Let us calculate: if you have unique 10 visitors clicked on your referral link, you earn $5 instantly! Is it simple? Oh yes, in my experience with some legit websites I actually did earn that $5 in a year(sigh).
  • $0.5 for every link visited
  • $2 Signup bonus
  • $100 minimum cashout
Quite skeptical with the earnings, hmmmmm.

How to Earn With StayCash
StayCash claims to be offering quite simple system in  earning money.
  • First, register and get access to your account area. 
  • You will be provided with a referral [most-likely annoying] link.
  • Start to annoy by sharing that referral [most-likely annoying] link to your friends, family to social media sites.
  •  Earn $0.5 for every referral link visit.
  • Get 100$ min payout at end of every month. 
  • StayCash is [un]trusted program with having thousand of members[one or two will do] already earning. No Any fee or investment..[Yes, if it has a fee then no one could join the website]
StayCash: Is it Scam or Real?
Without a doubt and second thought, it is a SCAM, FAKE, and FRAUD! Reasons why I made such conclusive statement:

1. Annoying Ads every time I click on links in that webpage

2. Claims to be trusted and Secured. StayCash uses some companies certification to deceive users.
3. Simple Registration page, it has only 5 fields:
  • User Name 
  • Password 
  • Email 
  • Address 
  • Cheque Pay to(Your Name) 
In #2, it claimed to be secured but in the registration, I did not even see any captcha or https (SSL) in that page.

4. Fake Payment Options
Again, in the registration page, it only supports Cheque and no other heck payment options to choose.

5. Statistics is fake
  • Total members : 1,380,349 | Total Paid : $74,050
As of this post, StayCash.com has a low alexa traffic rank (no data). In which they claimed they have total members of 1million+?

6. No discussion

I likely stressed out the importance of having a forum. Forum is an ideal place to discuss earning operations. But here, StayCash has no forum installed.

Does StayCash.com makes money out of referring friends?
Of course yes! Did I mention to you that every time you click on those links, it prompts out with Ads window. In addition, below the page, it has an Ads too in which they could earn out of it.

Dangerous! Exposed!
If you happen to register, your information could be sold to other identities. You email address too could get spammy messages later on.

So I would Suggest not to join in StayCash!

In the advent of growing websites that "promises" great earning opportunity, we should bear in mind that these such kind of services opt to be a SCAM.

With these factors, I have mentioned, I would have believed that you have a keen knowledge on what exactly is this website you are dealing.

Thank you for reading this post.

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